First Turkey Trot crosses the finish line

By Blake Batten

Elm Staff Writer

The Running Club and the Animal Impact Club hosted the first annual Turkey Trot on Nov. 15. The Turkey Trot was a race, or walk, to raise money for the Animal Care Shelter for Kent County (ACSKC).

The race occurred on Washington College’s new running course behind the bridge to Kent Crossing. The new running course was prepared by the Running Club and Athletic Groundskeeper Jack Davis. 

The course was ready for a one-mile test run, primed with arrows and a mile marker. It included hills and a winding path around trees and the open field.

For the Turkey Trot, the course moved through the open field to avoid damaging the lacrosse practice field.

According to Running Club President senior Elizabeth Wilson, the course will give students a place to train, and will possibly host track and field meets.

Although it was cold outside, a crowd of students, professors, and other running enthusiasts participated for the chance to win a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card.

As the event was cosponsored by the Animal Impact Club, they collaborated with ACSKC to bring three dogs to the course. They were available for the runners to play and interact with before starting. All the dogs were excited during the proceeds and loved the extra attention.

At the beginning of the race, runners gathered at the starting line and took off in a cluster once the signal was given. When the runners reached the first hill, they separated and ran in pairs or took a lead. 

Onlookers could watch the participants follow the path before losing them in the trees, reappearing again to cross the finish line. 

Puddy, another dog who arrived after the race, was ready to congratulate the participants. 

Freshmen Ashleigh Dzianowski and Hannah McCarthy said that one of their favorite parts was seeing the beautiful dogs in addition to the excitement of the race.

The winner of the Turkey Trot was senior Jack Gribble with a time of 6:07. He maintained a significant lead with the next five runners following.

“This was a great event, and a lot of fun. I really enjoyed seeing how many people came out and participated, and especially since it is for a good cause,” Gribble said.

The other winners in the men’s category included senior Nick Blake in second place and sophomore Eric Botti in third place. 

Junior Sarah Dockham won first for women, junior Rebecca Kanaskie came in second, and junior Katy Shenk finished in third. 

Everyone, no matter when they finished, was cheered as they finished out the event. When runners saw the orange cones, they would try to finish with a strong sprint or race their friends to finish before them.

After the winners were awarded their prizes, participants gathered for the raffle. There were three different raffles. Prizes included two Running Club t-shirts and an Evergrain gift card. The winners were not there to claim their prizes. All proceeds from the raffle, as well as donations made throughout the week, were donated to the ACSKC.

According to Wilson, it has been a great experience for the Running Club to work with other clubs and help the community, and they wish to continue to do so. 

The Running Club hopes that the Turkey Trot will become an annual event on campus. 

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