Hero of the Week: Rose O’Neill Literary House

This hero of the week goes to one of the most collaborative places on campus, the Rose O’Neill Literary House. Most know this place as the “Lit House” during the academic year. It is directed by Associate Professor of English Dr. James Hall. Students from all academic and extracurricular interests are greeted by the friendly faculty, staff, and peers that inhabit this building.

This past week, writer-in-residence Jason Fagone was able to have his reading of his new book, “The Woman Who Smashed Codes,” on behalf of the Sophie Kerr Committee. In order to make this possible, the Literary House was in collaboration with the Committee to not only put on his reading, but a craft talk with Fagone later in the week and a journalism panel with other writers as well. Dr. Hall served as the moderator for the panel event.

Students from the new Journalism, Editing & Publishing minor were able to experience a guest lecturer that not only had high acclaim for his creative nonfiction writing, but for his bold and fascinating long-form journalism pieces.

However, to end, this would not have been made possible if the Lit House was not on campus to provide experiential learning opportunities to the greater college and Chestertown community.

This is also a place where multiple print and book making classes, writing clubs, and classes gather. It is always bustling with life, literature, and an occasional math class.

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