Men’s basketball competes against division 1 Naval Academy

The Shoremen traveled to Annapolis to take on the Midshipmen for an exibition match where they lost 87-56

By Louis Galdos 

Elm Staff Writer  

Last Sunday, the Shoremen went on the road to Annapolis to take on the Navy Midshipmen for a little exhibition basketball. 

The Midshipmen were able to hold onto the lead for the duration of the game and win 87-56. Even though the Shoremen did not get the result they wanted, they are still very positive about the season as it is just getting started.

Junior forward Daniel Brown discussed his approach to the game, the results of the game, and his opinion of the rest of the season.  

“First, I would like to thank God for the opportunity to play the sport I love. My personal approach to the Navy game was the same as every other game, play my hardest and be the best I can for my team. Going into a game, playing a team of that caliber, everyone expects you to lose.  Unfortunately, we came up short, but we learned a lot about ourselves and we are looking to be better for Sunday’s home game v. Yeshiva.” Brown said. 

During the game, Brown recorded 18 points and five rebounds, leading him to lead the team in these two areas.   

Sophomore guard Tray Wright recorded seven assists, the most on the team. 

The Midshipmen led the first half 44-22. However, the Shoremen were able to cut the lead down in the second half with a score of 43-34. 

The Shoremen went 22-57 for field goals with a percentage of 38.6%. the Midshipmen went 30-56 for field goals with a percentage of 53.6%. 

From the bench, Navy led 43-27. In terms of turnovers it was fairly even with the Shoremen having 16 and the Midshipmen having 15. 

Overall, in the team statistics they were fairly even. The only difference is the Midshipmen’s shots were luckily able to drop more.        

Freshman forward Chris Weaver discussed his approach to the game, and the results of the game.

“I came into the game with a positive approach, just to stick to my job as a power forward. Try not to focus on the crowd or the huge arena. I’ve been to Navy multiple times, so I was looking forward to playing them and getting the opportunity to play a division 1 team. We knew Navy was bigger and had been working out as a team longer than we have but didn’t focus on any of that we wanted to keep them for grabbing a whole bunch of rebounds. We decided pregame and the time we spent preparing for them that as long as we communicate and play together as a team then everything else will fall in place,” he said. 

Throughout the duration of the match, WC shot at 39% from the floor while the Midshipmen shot at 54%.

Additionally, Shoremen head coach Aaron Goodman spent the years between 2006-2015 serving as the assistant coach for the men’s basketball team at the Naval Academy.  Since the year 2015 he has found his place at WC as the head men’s basketball coach.

“A huge thing we talked about was bringing the energy on the court and on the bench. So, no matter up or down on the score board we were there to support each other and have each other’s back,” Weaver said. 

Senior forward Alec Lewis discussed his approach to the game, and the results of the game. 

“My personal approach was to go in there with an attitude that we were going to compete to our best ability. We knew it was going to be a tough challenge, but there was no reason for us not to give them everything we had. It was a good learning experience for us, no matter what happened in the game, we stuck together, gave tremendous effort and just had fun. Our teams’ overall strategy was to play tougher than them. We knew Navy was a lot bigger and stronger than us, but they were not tougher. We wanted to make them work for everything they got, and I feel like they did for most of the game. We needed to focus on sticking together and taking on adversity as a team,” Lewis said.  

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