Men’s basketball goes 1-1 to start off the 2019-2020 season

The Shoremen go to overtime against the Seahawks to bring home their first win or the season and lose to Randolph-Macon

By Jensyn Hartzell

Elm Staff Writer 

The Washington College men’s basketball team officially began their season this past Friday as they traveled to St. Mary’s College of Maryland for the Dan Greene Memorial Tournament.

The game began with St. Mary’s Seahawks leading in points until the Shoremen took action to make the score 23-19 at 8:25. Both senior Shoremen, Alec Lewis, and junior Barry McCormick made several three-pointers to give the team the advantage. 

By the end, Lewis would have 17 points in the game overall. The Seahawks came back though, making the score 30-37 at the half. The Shoremen started the second half extremely fast, making two three-pointers in the first 55 seconds of the half. They continued to take advantage of controlling the speed of the game and went on a 9-0 shooting run over the Seahawks. 

At the end, the score was tied at 67-67 with 18 seconds left in the game.

Sophomore Tray Wright made one of his two free throws to put the Shoremen in the lead. Wright also had the most rebounds and assists for the game. 

But the Shoremen fouled the Seahawks, allowing them to make one free-throw, causing the game to be again tied at 68-68 at the end, forcing overtime. The Seahawks gained the lead in the overtime, the score being 75-71 with 2:01 remaining. 

The Seahawks missed a crucial layup and McCormick was able to catch the rebound. Senior Dallas Marshall, was able to shoot a three-pointer to make the score 75-74.

Marshall and McCormick ended the game with 11 points each. With about 10 seconds left in the game, sophomore Dilyn Becker passed the ball to junior Derrick Carter, who then made his shot, giving the Shoremen the lead in the finale. 

The ending score was 77-75. The Shoremen returned to the same court the next day to play the Yellow Jackets of Randolph-Macon. 

The Yellow Jackets took control of the game with a 7-0 lead, which led the score to be 15-5 at 14:45 left until the half. Daniel Brown, junior, was able to stop a run by making his free throws at 7:22 remaining. 

At the half, the Yellow Jackets had the game at 41-18. Marshall was able to rack up 11 points, the more for the game, and was followed by Carter with 10 points. Brown had six rebounds and Wright had three assists for the game.

Even though this might have been a rough game, junior Cole Storm said, “it was still a good start to the season. I think we could have played better against both teams, but it’s okay to still working things out for these first few games.” 

The team plays again on Sunday against Navy.

Sunday’s game will count for Navy, but not for WC. Then the men will play at Yeshiva at 2:00 p.m. the following Sunday, Nov. 17 as well. 

The first of their Centennial Conference games will occur on Tuesday, Nov. 26th when they travel to Swarthmore.

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