Pet of the Week: Alexa

By Kailani Clarke

Elm Staff Writer

The sport of bodybuilding is primarily male-dominated. The thought of it conjures Arnold Schwarzenegger or Mr. Olympia, and America’s toxic beauty standards often discourage women from getting “swole.” But some amazing women do not care about society’s maladjusted judgment and regularly pump iron with pride.

Alexa, this week’s Pet of the Week at the Animal Care Shelter for Kent County, would fit right in with these Olympian ladies.

Alexa is a young pit bull mix who hits the gym five times a week. This tough girl is small for her age and breed, but boasts a figure of pure muscle that puts an adorable spunk in her stride.

Proving that femininity can blend beautifully with athleticism, Alexa’s smooth tan and cream coat and dark eyeliner markings make her always ready for a photo shoot. Good thing, too, because outside the gym Alexa chairs the ACSKC’s Itty Bitty Pitty Committee.

Like many strong females, and pit bulls, Alexa was shunned by society. She was found as a stray on the side of the road months ago and has called the ACSKC home since.

The staff are confused as to why she has not been adopted.

Alexa has a lot going for her. She defies the negative stereotypes around pit bulls with her gentle disposition and good manners, and she gets along well with other dogs her size and bigger, given proper introductions.

She would be a fantastic addition to any rural home — her towering ears receive both satellite and WiFi. Netflix binges shall never cut out again with this tech-savvy girl around.

Though she can be a little shy at first, and she is not a big fan of cats, sudden movements, or excessive rambunctiousness, Alexa warms up quickly to her people and will always sit still for a good chin scratch.

For many unenlightened people, buff women and pit bulls can be a little off-putting, given society’s widespread stigma toward them. But, like anything, one must learn the true stories of maligned people in order to understand that most stigmas are false.

Alexa proves that a book should not be judged by its culturally-determined cover, and if time is taken to actually open it and read the pages, an amazing tale awaits. This pure-hearted pup cannot wait to tell hers to her forever family.

If you are interested in adopting Alexa, you can fill out an adoption application online or in person at the Animal Care Shelter of Kent County at 10720 Augustine Herman Highway, Chestertown, MD, or call at 410-778-3648.

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