Red Brick Runway: Jocelyn Elmore

By Gabby Rente

Lifestyle Editor

Featured in this week’s Red Brick Runway is senior Jocelyn Elmore. She is a Business Management and Hispanic Studies double major with a sophisticated flare for fashion.

Her coat is from a store in Italy, her dress is from Fashion Nova, her shoes are from Boscov’s, and her hoop earrings are from Walmart.

“Usually when I’m picking clothes, I just go online and just go through things that I think that I look good in,” she said.

Elmore claims Aaliyah Jay and Jackie Aina, both Youtubers and models, as two influences to her overall style.

She describes her own style as chic but on a budget.

“I don’t shop too expensive but I can make it look expensive,” she said. “Flirty but also a little sexy, a mix of the two.”

With 2019 almost over, she commented on her favorite trends from the year.

“I love the flare jeans this year, and the platform shoes,” she said.

Elmore also has her study-abroad experience under her belt, which she admits has also impacted the way she dresses.

“When I was studying abroad in Spain, the fashion is way different than the U.S., so I really love the Spanish and the European fashion. They wear a lot of platform heels. Not even just heels, but shoes are platforms and boots are higher,” she said. “They wore a lot of fur, faux fur. I have a fur jacket that I got from there as well.”

Elmore is proof that the best fashion trends are truly transcontinental.

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