Red Brick Runway: Victoria Gill and fall chill

Experimental fashion and breaking barriers of societal expectations of beauty

By Gabby Rente

Lifestyle Editor

This week’s fashionista is a familiar face to The Elm. Opinion editor and junior Victoria Gill tells all about her fun and funky fashion style.

“Thrifting is my main source of purchases, especially when I visit my sister because the eclectic culture of Philly is infectious,” said Gill.

Her jacket is from the Target clearance section. Her skirt is a gift from her sister who got it from Buffalo Exchange in South Philadelphia, and her boots are a gift from her mother.

Through shopping at thrift stores and the will to experiment outside of today’s fashion trends, Gill has found a style that works for her.

“My closet is eclectic as well. I have a mixture of nice clothes and work clothes for my various campus jobs and interests. In this, I find a way to have a good mix of color within my neutral tones. I wear a lot of flashy earrings, especially if my look is dialed back a bit.”

She is not afraid to stretch the limits when it comes to her personal appearance and fashion.

“Even shaving my head I took at risk of falling into a societal mind-set of not being beautiful. That didn’t happen. I feel beautiful from the weirdness and the almost mix match. I find inspiration from my peers especially because I feel like I change up what I’m wearing most days,” she said.

However, wearing a fall-colored skirt such as this is a rare look for Gill. “I’m a fan of good denim jeans — you’ll almost always find me in pants — unless I randomly put on a skirt.”

Gill pulls inspiration from “weirdness,” but there is one particular source that especially spoke to her.

“There is this awesome Youtube channel called ‘Stylelikeu’ that has these lovely human beings interviewed in every episode,” she said. “Throughout the interview, they remove their clothes to expose their underwear, but they also expose themselves emotionally,” she said.

How she dresses determines the tone of her day,  reflects how open she is, and the message she sends to others.

“I don’t wear things that will distract me from life and make me hyperaware of my body in an unforgiving way. Fashion, in the most cliché way, is for you to be comfortable. This includes the color, the feel of fabric, the fit, and the message you want to send to others.”

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