Campus Voices: What are your plans for winter break?

Elisse Spence, junior: “Go home and prepare for study abroad in the spring.”
Lucas Petton, sophomore: “Just going to go home.” 
Hanna Flowers, junior: “Probably a lot of Netflix, hanging out with my friends from home, babysitting, and probably a lot of sleeping.”
Natalia Nagy, senior: “I’m going to Honduras.”
Tyler Matera, freshman: “Going home.”
Michael Cebzanov, junior: “Training trip for swimming.”
Cassidy Predale, sophomore: “Going home; working all the time.”
Ala Day, freshman: “I’m going to California and hanging out with friends and family.”
Mandy Hislam, senior: “Doing research.”
Luciana Pagella, junior: “Going back to Argentina.”

Photos by Mark Cooley, reporting by MacKenzie Brady

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