Disney + brings magic to streaming services

By Carlee Berkenkemper

Elm Staff Writer

Nov. 12 marked the launch of Disney+, the latest competitor in the world of streaming services. For $6.99 a month, users gain access to Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic content, all of which accumulate to about 500 films and 7,500 episodes of T.V. shows. For $12.99 a month, users gain access to Disney+ along with ESPN+ and HULU. 

The service has so far been praised for its affordability and convenience. Users who own 4k Tvs are able to stream certain titles, such as the original Star Wars films in ultra HD. Additionally, the basic account allows for streaming and downloads on up to four devices without the added fees incurred on other platforms.

CNN Media Reporter Frank Pallotta emphasized these points in a review, “Disney+ Review: It’s a lot like Netflix but with a few Twists,” while complimenting its simplicity in design, a similar layout to what consumers are familiar with regarding platforms such as Netflix or HULU.

Pallotta wrote “What I learned is that the platform isn’t revolutionary (it’s basically Netflix, but stuffed with Disney films and TV shows). Yet, how the company has repacked its trove of beloved content for the service makes it a worthy companion to the other services in the marketplace.”

For Washington College students, the service’s marketing of “the best stories in the world, all in one place,” seems to be living up to its expectations.

Sophomore Faith Waaramaa said, “I think it is awesome to be able to go back and watch childhood shows and movies that we haven’t been able to for so long. That being said there are so many things I’ve tried to watch and haven’t been able to finish. Over Thanksgiving break, my friend and I tried to watch a couple of movies we loved as kids but now couldn’t get past the first 20 minutes because it was so cringey.”

Disney+ is not only a time capsule of content, it also produces original shows. “The Mandalorian” and its baby Yoda character has become an unexpected hit online, and “High School Musical the Series” has fans old and new talking.

While the consolidation of Disney’s vast content allows a trip down memory lane for many, it does not come without its issues.

After initial upset, the app has already updated to include a ‘continue watching’ tab that allows even easier navigation.

Junior Dayla Williams said, “I actually like it more than I thought I would because I can finally watch the old shows and movies I grew up on. I’m just upset that the creation of Disney+ has negatively impacted other streaming services and the shows on them, mainly Marvel series that have been forced to stop filming because Disney has monopolized their content.”

In a CNBC article “Disney+ Review: Great content at a fair price but it could use a few tweaks,” technology product editor Todd Haselton expressed interest in the addition of two-factor authentication for logging in to prevent accounts being hacked. Despite his security and privacy concerns, Haselton ultimately supported the service.

Haselton wrote, “It’s worth just checking out to see what’s available, especially if you — like me — enjoy all the old content that you might have once owned on VHS but lost long ago … Disney did a great job here with lots of content you can download, original shows … and simple setup. Plus, it’s one of the cheapest streaming services out there.”

While some of us relive our childhoods with classic Disney movies and shows, some WC students are cautious to dive in amidst the nearing of finals as the semester wraps up.

Senior Devin Valcich said, “My mom got Disney+ for my family and I am refusing to use it until after the semester because I know I’m just going to get sucked in and not get any work done otherwise.”

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