End of semester safety protocols from Department of Public Safety

On Campus

As we near the end of the fall semester, there are a few things that we need you to do before leaving campus:

Lock your windows. Check every one of them, including suite windows.

Pack up your valued belongings to take them with you, or make arrangements to store them in a secure place.

Clean your room and remove all food items from refrigerators. Unplug all appliances.

Be sure to lock your door and turn off the lights when leaving.

Have a very happy and safe Winter Break!

My staff will be working 24/7 throughout the entire break.  Maintenance work may require your rooms to be opened and entered by staff and contractors.  Prepare for this to happen in your room.  Thank you for being with us this semester.  My staff and I look forward to your return in January.

Off Campus

Before you head home for the holidays, I wanted to pass along a few tips for securing your off-campus residences over the break:

Set your thermostat back to 55 degrees – this will keep your residence warm enough to keep pipes from freezing.

Purchase a timer so that you have a light turning on and off at night. 

Pack up your valuables and take them home with you, including your televisions, game systems and computers, or find a secure place to store them.

Make arrangements for your mail delivery to be held at the post office while you’re away.

Inform a trusted neighbor of your departure date and expected date of return, giving them your contact information.  

Check and make sure all windows are properly closed and locked. 

Make certain that you have locked all doors as you leave your residence.  

Enjoy your Winter Break!  We look forward to your return in January.  

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