Pet of the Week: MegaTron

By Kailani Clarke

Elm Staff Writer

Across cultures, a person’s name is important. It is how we identify each other and ourselves. A name can hold an almost supernatural power. Therefore, it is all the more jarring — and often quite funny — when you encounter someone whose name is the total opposite of their personality. MegaTron, this week’s Pet of the Week at the Animal Care Shelter for Kent County, is a prime example.

MegaTron could not bear less resemblance, in body or spirit, from the genocidal Transformers character whose name he bears. This boy does not have a mean bone in his body.

A mastiff mix, MegaTron’s large size and bowling ball head make him look intimidating, but get within two feet of him and he will douse your face in slobbery kisses and lean against you for back scratches.

Unaware that he is not a beagle and is, in fact, a small horse, MegaTron will lay his dense noggin over the nearest knee for an ear rub and a chin-hug.

The sleekness in his smooth ginger fur, white chest blaze, and big black nose belie his true levels of goofiness.

MegaTron’s chronic bubbliness is surprising, given that before arriving at the ACSKC, his four years of life were spent tied up outside. The staff believe he has never been a house dog, and therefore has yet to experience the joys of snuggling on the couch, curling up by the fireplace, and receiving love 24/7.

MegaTron is also heartworm positive, and is currently being treated. This makes him a foster-to-adopt, where the ACSKC would continue to pay for his treatment during the foster period. Once clear, he will be ready to go home for good.

Due to his bulk and youth, MegaTron has tons of energy. He would thrive in a home with lots of playtime, either solo or with a durable canine sibling with whom he could roughhouse. But at the end of the day, this big ol’ pumpkin muffin of a dog just wants somebody to love.

Far from the robotic villain of his namesake, MegaTron is all wagging tail and wide smiles. The only transforming he is here to do is from shelter pup to couch potato, and an ordinary family to one with room in their souls for this sweet boy’s big body and bigger heart.

If you are interested in adopting MegaTron, you can fill out an adoption application online or in person at the Animal Care Shelter of Kent County at 10720 Augustine Herman Highway, Chestertown, MD, or call at 410-778-3648.

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