Pet of the Week Pupdate

By Kailani Clarke

Elm Staff Writer

Welcome to the new decade, friends. 2020 has arrived. The world is changing, and it is helpful to see how far one has come in tumultuous times. This week’s Pet of the Week “Pupdate” revisits shelter pets who recently appeared in The Elm to see where they are headed in the new era. 

Last year was excellent for senior cats at the Animal Care Shelter for Kent County. Claudia, who was featured this past spring, was happily adopted by a Washington College community member soon after publication. 

Damani and Sherbert were also adopted after several months in the shelter. 

Siblings Shadow and Baby, who spent several seasons holding down the Cat Room, found separate forever homes, but they are happy with their new partners in crime. 

Dixie sauntered homeward near the end of fall, and Moore, after presiding over the Cat Room for far too long, soon followed. Cross, the sweet Siamese mix and ACSKC class favorite, eventually got adopted after toughing out a medical issue. 

Finally, friendly and bright Marsha went home right before spring courses started. 

Despite the odds stacked against bully breeds, several beloved ACSKC pitbull mixes went home after being featured in “Pet of the Week.” 

Classie, the brilliant black mouth cur mix who spent more than a year in the shelter, finally charged into her forever home over the summer. 

After completing her six-month heartworm treatment, gentle Quinn was adopted by her foster mom. 

Pits are a tough breed, a trait exemplified by Miracle, the pure-white puppy who was thrown from a moving car but retained her zest for life. She was transferred to a western shore shelter, quickly got adopted, and is now enjoying life with her boxer brother. 

Thor, the sharp-minded golden retriever-rottweiler mix, was adopted seven months to the day after arriving at ACSKC, and his human frequently updates the staff on how much they enjoy each other’s company. 

Brad, the soccer-obsessed bluenose, finally found a family who could keep up with him. 

Copper the hound went home with a shelter employee and now enjoys a warm kennel and a big yard. 

Alexa, the shy and sweet pocket pit with radar ears, was transferred to a Baltimore shelter and soon adopted. 

Not all pets who have featured in The Elm found their forever homes.  

Puss Puss and Petey, both elder cats, continue to keep the staff company. 

MegaTron the mastiff mix is still failing to catch any french fries tossed to him. 

Oreo, the Jack Russel-pit mix who was featured last August, has nearly finished her heartworm treatment but has yet to find a forever home. She has begun carrying a stuffed animal in her mouth during any outing, something that accomplishes the impossible by making her even cuter.   When the future is frightening, you may find comfort in people by your side. Several ACSKC animals have found their families to take into 2020, while others are still waiting to share their loyalty and love. If you are interested in adopting Oreo, MegaTron, Petey or Puss Puss, you can fill you can fill out an adoption application online or in person at the Animal Care Shelter of Kent County at 10720 Augustine Herman Highway, Chestertown, MD, or call at 410-778-3648.

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