Students participate in annual Cuba trip

Over winter break, Dr. Aaron Lampman, associate professor of anthropology, and Dr. Ken Schweitzer, associate professor of music, took  27 students on the annual Cuba trip for the winter term in January. According to the promotional email sent out last semester, “the Cuba Experience offers Washington College students the unparalleled opportunity to learn first-hand about Cuba through an academic lens.” Students traveled to Havana and Trinidad, Cuba, conducting field research into the intersection of music, religion, dance, food, and culture in the two cities. The trip allows students of any major to earn 4 credits in either music or anthropology.
“I’m a declared music major, but I am also interested in Environmental Studies,” freshman Isabella Smith said. “We went to an organic farm and did a horse back ride through the valley where Trinidad is to see a sugar cane farm, learn about roasting coffee beans and cigars, and got to hike to a local stream to swim.” 

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