Birthday Ball Safety Tips

With Birthday Ball just around the corner, the Department of Public Safety has some safety tips and announcements for the upcoming dance. 

In addition to the 12 full-time Public Safety staff, event staff from the Kent County Detention Center have been hired to ensure the process goes smoothly. Director of Public Safety Brandon McFayden will be meeting with all of the Birthday Ball safety personnel prior to the start of the dance to review safety measures at the dance. 

“The biggest concern we have is intoxication, and the fact that as a result, students occassionally need medical help from being too intoxicated,” McFayden said.

When students are intoxicated, their balance is heavily affected and they could get injured. According to McFayden, students should wear responsible and protective footwear to the dance, or should bring an additional pair of shoes to change into. 

Students are encouraged to look out for their friends to help keep each other safe.

“Be smart and aware of who you are with when you are out,” McFayden said.  

Public Safety officers and event staff, as well as some members of the Student Affairs staff, will be very present on and around the dance floor. There will also be trained medical staff at the dance. 

“We want students to have a good time and enjoy themselves, but encourage them not to overindulge at the event,” McFayden said. 

To enter the dance, students are required to bring their ID cards. For all legal drinking age students, a valid driver’s license is mandatory to access the area to get a drink. 

There will be a coat check at the dance, but students are highly encouraged to either leave all valuables, such as wallets, keys, and phones, in their rooms or to keep them on their person at the event. McFayden also encouraged students to put the coat check tag in a place where it won’t be lost. 

“Everyone should have a plan where you do not have to put valuables in coat pockets. Make arrangements to keep things on your person, whether it is through a purse for the ladies or pants pockets for the men,” McFayden said. 

Prior to the dance, during, and afterwards, if any student sees something that they are concerned about or feel unsafe in anyway, they should find an officer at the dance or call Public Safety at 410-778-7810. 

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