Campus voices: Valentine’s day plans

Senior Emily Dobson, “I am going to home and go out with my partner.”

Junior Matthew Swanton, “I don’t have any.”

Sophomore Delilah Jones, “I’m going to Dunkin Donuts.”

Sophomore Michael Nichols, “Probably a lot of binging Netflix.”

Junior Liane Beckley, “Oh geez — I don’t know.”

Senior Tatiana Baughman, “I’m going to be working at Casa Carmen, the wine shop downtown.”

Freshman Ruby Baxley, “Nothing.”

Senior Ryan Kibler, “Going to see ‘8 x 10’ and then going to D.C. on Saturday.”

Senior Hannah Powell, “I don’t even know my own plans.”

Junior Hanna Flowers, “I have class and then going to the SEB ice skating event.”

Photos by Heber Guerra-Recinos, reporting by MacKenzie Brady

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