Hero of the week: breakfast with the brothers of Kappa Sigma

By Victoria Gill

Opinion Editor

Last week, Hodson Hall was closed for 24 hours due to a propane leak. In the early hours of Feb. 13, WAC Alerts and emails were sent to the campus population that meals would not be served in the building that day. Students were left with few options for food that day going between town, Sophie’s Cafe, and the bookstore.

However, that same evening, social media was hit with digital posters of a pancake breakfast hosted by the brothers of Kappa Sigma, Omicron Pi.

Much like their popular pancake event each semester at St. Emmanuel’s Church, the brothers came together to make pancakes right in their common room in Dorchester House.

“I think the student body could use the morale boost. it is an opportunity for students to help other students,” senior Nick Gottemoller said.

These brothers are hero of the week because of their compassionate efforts to aid the student body during a stressful time. According to Gottemoller, they knew this was an impromptu decision and had to act quickly.

“We work with the situation we have, not the situation we want,” he said.

According to many of the brothers, pancake making outside their main event is not uncommon. They usually have left over ingredients stored away for the following semester. They were able to provide warm food and hot coffee on Valentine’s Day from 8 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Chapter President junior Colin Levi said that this was a fun experience to have with his brothers. The chapter also saw this as an opportunity to collect donations for the Home and Hunger Committee on campus. This committee runs George’s General Store, which has been in use since last spring.

Levi said he was aware of the many students who suffered the day prior from poor performance due to a lack of notice to retrieve a decent meal for themselves.

Levi said that this was an opportunity to grow closer with the student body who may be unfamiliar with Greek life. In no way was this a recruitment strategy but instead a merging of communities. During the breakfast there was a steady flow of students ranging from first years, to athletes, to people on their way to their earlymorning classes.

Now that Hodson Commons is opened once again, students are able to go about their days uninterrupted. However, do not forget about the random acts of kindness brought to you by your fellow peer or local organization.

Great job, guys.

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