Hero of the week: Central Services

By Victoria Gill-Gomez

Opinion Editor

After the crazed atmosphere of a new semester has calmed down into its routine and the add/drop period has ended for classes, the bustle to the bookstore and mailroom quiets down. In the period between move-in day post-winter break and the first day of spring classes, Central Services has been swamped with last-minute letters and packages from home and online. Many students even rent their textbooks from online platforms.

While Central Services is open for long hours, there is a copious amount of postage to receive, sort through, and notify a campus of about 1,500 students and staff each day. I even had several pieces of postage waiting upon my return to campus, and other mail that I needed to send out as well.

When entering the mailroom, you can guarantee you will find a friendly face of a peer or staff member ready to answer questions about sending mail either across country or across the world. Remember that in a time of transition, in the beginning or end of a semester, to be considerate to those working these positions.

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