Hero of the week: Department of Public Safety

By Victoria Gill-Gomez

Opinion Editor

In light of recent campus incidents, many students feel hesitant to walk the sidewalks of both the campus and Chestertown community without thinking about the risk of their physical and emotional safety. Tensions are bubbling throughout the student body and administration about what course of action to take next. Throughout it all, the first thing new students are taught at orientation when they are in distress is to reach out to the Department of Public Safety team.

This hero of the week goes to a group of people who spend their time tucked away in the basement of Cullen Hall where they facilitate the mundane tasks of parking permits, key exchanges, and fines. Walking into the office is always a pleasant experience as students and faculty are greeted with familiar faces.

In the moments that true safety situations arise, whether it be walking around campus at night or a case of theft, the officers of Public Safety are diligent, kind, and attentive to the needs of a variety of students.

Thanks for always keeping The Elm updated.

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