Intramurals, club sports, fitness classes -— oh my

By MacKenzie Brady

Student Life Editor

Getting active does not just have to be another new years resolution abandoned before it truly began. It’s also perfectly okay to start your resolution in February. If you’re interested in getting active, there’s no time like the present to start ­— especially with so many different sports, classes, and other such opportunities available on campus. 

There are plenty of ways to get active — joining a club sport, playing intramurals, attending fitness classes, or just going to the gym during down time. By joining teams or attending fitness classes, you not only get active, but also meet new people and take what is often a much-needed mental health break. 

While sometimes it’s nice to go to the gym alone and get in a really good workout, it can also be nice to get active with friends. 

If you’re looking for something with a minimal time commitment, there are four IM sports seasons set up so far this semester. While the sign-up period for 5v5 Basketball will have ended by the time this article is published, sign-ups for the first Super Smash Bros Tournament of the semester run until Feb 9, Floor Hockey sign-ups will begin Feb 17, and Flag Football sign-ups will begin March 23. Sign up is available through Washington College’s portal on 

If you are interested in playing but don’t have a team, you can sign up as a free agent and be added to an existing one. 

Depending on how the seasons go — how long they go for and what equipment is available — a few additional tournaments may be added, including volleyball, dodgeball, and Madden. 

The ping pong tables in the Johnson Fitness Center are being replaced, and students are welcome to use them at any time. It’s also possible for students to borrow equipment and use the squash courts in the JFC, or, if there aren’t varsity sports practicing in the field house, the basketball courts there. 

“[The new tables] could lead to a ping pong tournament, if students want it,” Steve Kaneshiki, coordinator of campus recreation, said. 

Kaneshiki is always interested in setting up events that students want to participate in.

If you’re looking for something with a bit more commitment, there are a number of club sports that hold practices at least once a week and participate in tournaments against other school’s club teams throughout the semester. There are a lot of club sports to join, a few of which include running club, rugby, and lacrosse. 

If traditional sports aren’t your thing, Esports will be having several tournaments throughout the semester, including Smash Bros and Madden. These tournaments should take place every few weeks, so be on the look-out for sign-ups and meeting information if you are interested.

The schedule of fitness classes for the spring semester has been released and includes a range of activities including yoga, tai chi, and extreme hip hop. Times, instructors, and experience levels vary for different classes. All of the fitness classes are free to students, faculty, and staff.

This semester, fitness classes have been scheduled around academic class time so that attendees won’t have to worry about arriving late or leaving early to go to classes. 

“If you have a lot going on, I recommend a yoga class,” Kaneshiki said. 

Kaneshiki also encouraged students to take a break from schoolwork and get involved with some sort of activity that will get them active and involved with other people. 

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