Radio Free George, now airing on a device near you

By Mary Sprague

Copy Editor

The students of Washington College have a new way to express their opinions — podcasting through Radio Free George. 

The club is new — so far, there is only one podcast (with two episodes) available on their website, 

Junior Jacklyn Russo station manager and founding member of the Radio Free George team, cited technological updates as cause for this delay. 

“We just started getting [podcasts] online, because of the school’s new website,” Russo said. “Right now, the only ones that are online are Will [Hewitt] and Karlie [Dolan] — they have two episodes up. It’s called Star Crossed Bros and it’s very funny.”  

All podcasts are pre-recorded and edited using a variety of software, from Audacity to ProTools, at Radio Free George’s headquarters in Hodson Hall. To listen, visit 

“It’s a learning process, with only two people on [a show],” said Russo. “Whatever [program] they’re more experienced in we’re letting them run with.”  

During their debut podcast, the Star Crossed Bros narrated their troubles with audio files and editing. 

“We have now tried to do the first episode three times,” Hewitt said. 

The first try, both of their files failed to transfer. The second time, Dolan’s files were deleted. The Star Crossed Bros, however, were undeterred. 

“Let’s just have some fun, guys,” said Dolan. “Let’s just have some fun in the studio.” 

Entertainment and commitment are the keys to this duo’s success — Hewitt has been involved and enjoying the Radio Free George process since the beginning. 

“[W]hen [the club] was getting more off the ground I auditioned for a show, alone,” said Hewitt, “and eventually ended up being paired with Karlie.”

“We never chose to be each other’s partners.” Dolan said.

“We both auditioned for podcasts separately. Similar kinds of podcasts — we both wanted to talk about pop culture, current events, stuff like that,” Hewitt said. 

Although there are podcasts already in the works, the auditioning process is ongoing as of Monday, Feb. 24. 

“We’re doing interviews for new ones the week of the 24th,” Russo said. “If anybody wants to apply.”

Emails of interest or application should be directed to 

The podcasts will cover a variety of subjects and have a lot of creative freedom. 

“We give them any freedom, just try not to curse,” Russo said. “But, since it’s on our own website, they kind of have whatever freedom they want.” 

Controversial ideas are run by senior Jilly Horaneck, talent manager and another founding member of Radio Free George. 

“Our current members have music podcasts and other fun things planned in the works,” Hewitt said. “In the next semester or so we hope to have a good bit more on the website.”

Star Crossed Bros will be releasing their new episodes on Tuesdays. 

“Our podcast is kind of just a combination of our opinions on whatever we want to talk about,” Hewitt said. “We try our best to have some semblance of an outline but we pretty much just riff off each other.”

This kind of enthusiasm and natural spontaneity is what makes Star Crossed Bros a compelling listen.

“I would say my favorite part is just getting on the mics with Karlie and just talking,” said Hewitt. “The planning is fun and the ideas we come up with beforehand are great but sometimes we deter off the path and those moments are normally my favorites from the podcasts.”

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