Red Brick Runway: Teddy Friedline

By Brennan Keifer

Elm Staff Writer

Washington College’s fashion icon of the week is sophomore Teddy Friedline, an English major and art history/creative writing double minor, who reminds us that sometimes being comfortable is better than being chic.

“I don’t care about designer brands,” Friedline said. “I’m here to not spend a lot of money on clothes and to wear what I’m comfortable in. If I’m not comfortable in something, I’m not going to wear it.”

Friedline often shops at stores like Old Navy, “just for basic clothes of good quality.” But they also have a more eclectic taste in style that big brands can’t always satisfy.

 “Sometimes I’ll just be out places and see odd tops or sweaters that I like, and I often find a lot of my t-shirts and more odd clothes from thrift stores.”

Looking great doesn’t have to break the bank, and when asked if they have any icons that they draw inspiration from, Friedline said that their general style is a mix of “Stevie Nicks and Kurt Cobain, but with really bright and clashy patterns.” With the guidelines of this stylish mashup, Friedline tries “to create cohesive outfits, even if they aren’t traditionally aesthetically pleasing.”

They also often opt out of wearing makeup.

“Half the time when I wear makeup, I just wear lipstick. I don’t use makeup to look ‘better’ or ‘more attractive;’ I don’t really care about that. Because if you’re someone who would only be attracted to me when I’m wearing makeup, then why would I want to date you? If you aren’t attracted to me all the time, then what the heck is the point?”

Friedline sees personal style as a means of self-expression, but one which can only go so far.

“Any kind of subliminal message you try to send through your clothes is going to be inherently flawed. No one is ever going to be certain what you mean. Just by looking at me, you aren’t going to know who I am just by my clothes alone.”

For Friedline, it’s all about wearing the clothes that are fun and comfortable to them.

“It’s more about having fun as opposed to telling people who I am. I think that wearing clothes that are fun and comfortable to me tells people more about who I am than trying to project a specific image ever could.”

Also, if you’re someone who gets stressed out while clothes shopping, Friedline offers their simple but helpful words of wisdom:

“My advice for shopping is just like, ‘oh, you’re in Target? What t-shirts do they have? Do they have something cool? Neat. You have a t-shirt now.”

But it all comes back to choosing clothes that you find to be the most enjoyable and comfortable. Freidline sums it up best:

“Just find clothes that are fun and that you’re comfortable in. What you are comfortable and confident in will be more accurate to yourself and make you seem cooler, more fun, and more attractive than any magazine subscription that tries to tell you what to wear.”

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