Habitat for Humanity spring break trip

By Diana Sanchez

Elm Staff Writer

The Habitat for Humanity spring break trip has been a tradition at Washington College for the past 21 years.

This year’s trip took place in Salem, South Carolina where around 23 students volunteered to work on constructing the framing of two new houses.

During the trip, colleges affiliated with the non-profit organization are part of their “Collegiate Challenge” project. For the project, clubs go to building sites and work on constructing homes from the beginning, and some are able to complete them. These homes will go to low income families and individuals who are picked by the non-profit organization. Once chosen, the individuals work on the construction of their homes along with construction workers and volunteers.

The trip has served as a recruiting mechanism for WC’s Habitat for Humanity club, attracting new members. Freshman who are interested in leaving campus for spring break find going on the trip as a great way to travel and meet new students.

However, the significance of the trip is much more than a means to travel and work.

“By the end of the week, people realize how fulfilling the work is,” said senior Ben Lammers, a general member of the club and former vice president.

While on the work site, WC students put up the plywood sheathing on the frame of the homes, the roof trusses, and on their final day they installed fall protection on the roof.

When they were off duty, students were able to go bowling, watch movies, and go out to dinner as a group.

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