Hero of the week: Martha’s Kitchen

By Christian Yosef

Elm Staff Writer

As students begin to stay up later in the night to work on assignments, they often  experience hunger and exhaustion. Luckily, Martha’s Kitchen is open on late nights to provide students with delicious food that will surely boost up their energy.

The Martha’s Kitchen staff are dedicated to cooking up some amazing meals for such a low price. They are great at making all kinds of food, especially when it comes to burritos, sandwiches, and french fries.

In addition, the staff are also kind people — they always care about providing great customer service to students and faculty. Many of them are even our peers. It is amazing that the Martha’s Kitchen staff always remain calm and caring to customers, even when business starts getting really busy towards closing time.

Next time you visit Martha’s Kitchen, make sure to recognize how important this eatery is for our campus, and how the staff are a group of terrific people.

Know a department, faculty member, or organization that is doing great things for the community? Have a hero that you want to recognize? Send an email to the editor at vgill2@washcoll.edu.

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