Hero of the week: You

By Victoria Gill-Gomez

Opinion Editor

There is a definite chance that you are reading this while in self-isolation, and I hope you do not feel alone. In the past few weeks, the world has been struck with the outbreak COVID-19, and at least for me, there was a refusal to the idea that this would hit the quiet corner that is Chestertown and the Washington College community.

WC itself faced several challenges in the last semester regarding student safety and health, both physically and emotionally.

While this virus interrupts the daily life of those now laid off, those who transition to online learning, and those who will not have the chance to tie up loose ends with senior year or just their current situation, everyone has remained open and accepting to these new changes. It is brave of all of us to keep going with a confident stride when the future looks less clear.

Which is why, very similar to Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” in 2006, my Hero of the Week is simply: everyone.

Everyone is requested to self-quarantine and limit exposure to big crowds of people, especially those who are at higher risk of catching the virusolder citizens and immunocompromised individuals. It is hard to be alone. In this time of uncertainty and, admittedly, boredomthere is space for self-reflection and growth. Take this time to recharge and ruminate about how your actions affect the environment around you. In this quick-paced world, it is too easy not to. So far, these ten days of darkness illuminates how humans fall short on healthily living, human connection, learning and curiosity outside the classroom, and empathy.

Promote gratitude to medical professionals, grocery store workers, teachers, those in the government positions, and journalists who work tirelessly to provide answers and solutions. Even for those individuals who leave the store shelves empty, there are others who make sure the basic necessities are provided to those in need. Send some gratitude to your neighbor or co-workers for checking-in.

The staff of The Elm will make sure that this college community is routinely updated.

To add my voice to this global choir: will get through this together. Take care of one another even with social distancing in mind, reach out.

Thank you, whoever you are, for everything that you do.

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