Men’s and Women’s Tennis finishes their season in Florida

The Shoremen end with an overall 5-3 and the Shorewomen end 6-1

By Louis Galdos

Elm Staff Writer

During spring break, both the Shoremen and Shorewomen tennis teams took a trip down to Orlando, Florida for a week of great weather, lots of team bonding, and of course, highly competitive tennis matches.

Together, both teams practiced and played in tennis matches from Monday, March 9 to Friday, March 13.

The Shoremen played in four matches throughout the week. They won two and they lost two. The Shorewomen also played in four matches throughout the week. They won all four matches.

On Monday, the Shorewomen were the only team to compete in a match. They played against Baldwin Wallace University and beat them with a one-sided score of 9-0.

Next, on Tuesday, March 10, both teams had two matches against two different schools. First, the Shoremen started their trip off well by winning their first match against Transylvania University 8-1.

In their second match on Tuesday they were successful again as they beat Oneonta College 6-3.

On Tuesday, the Shorewomen played against Transylvania University and then Oneonta College and beat both teams with overwhelming scores of 7-2. After Tuesday’s matches, both teams started off hot.

On Wednesday, both teams received the day off away from practicing and competing in tennis matches. They had the option to either lounge around the pool at the resort they stayed at or go to Disney World in Orlando.  Overall, for both teams they got to know one another and bond as a team.

“We had games every day except for Wednesday. On Wednesday some people went to Disney and the rest had a relaxing day by the pool. Both teams played some volleyball, and I felt like I got a lot closer with the guys and the girl’s teams,” said senior August Meriot. “We all cooked for each other and helped keep the house relatively clean. From my past four years I don’t think there has really been chemistry as good as the one we had this year. Everyone was ready to play and highly motivated. The matches we lost were close ones, but we were all very supportive of each other, winning or losing, trying to uplift the moral of the players.”

Both teams played their last matches on Friday, March 11. 

For the Shoremen, they played two matches against two different schools.  Their first match was against Carthage College.  In this match they lost a close game 5-4. Their second and final match of the trip was against Rhodes College, which they lost 8-1.

Junior Ella Samer said, “This spring break trip was an amazing opportunity to grow as individual players and as a team. We played four matches against a variety of teams and collectively we experienced great amounts of success. I am so proud of the women’s team for all their work ethic and dedication to the sport. It’s incredibly sad to have the season end before it even begun, but I know this group of girls will come back next year better than ever and I am so grateful for all the memories we shared this year.”

These will be the last games that both the men’s and women’s tennis teams will complete of the 2020 season due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

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