Student Government Association deactivated clubs for improvement

By Emma Campbell

Elm Staff Writer

This month, the Organizations Committee and Senate at Washington College deactivated several clubs that are no longer in good standing. These clubs have been out of commission for a long enough period of time that they have accumulated money for their designated budgets that have gone untouched. Senate representatives consider this initiative long overdue.

Every Student Government Association-recognized student-run organization on campus is promised a budget that is tailored to their expenses, whether these be field trips, conferences, or t-shirts.

When the WC student government deactivated the clubs that were inactive, they recovered money from the unused budgets that can now be put towards other valuable student resources.

“We recouped almost $6,000 from the inactive accounts, and the Budget Committee has started discussing possibilities for using this money,” said sophomore Liz Hay, the SGA’s Financial Controller. “We are considering putting it toward conference costs that we cannot usually cover in the next budget cycle, campus improvements, or other various initiatives proposed by the Senate.”

Caitlyn Creasy, the current SGA Vice President, provided a comprehensive list of clubs and special-interest groups (SIGs) that were deactivated this semester. SIGs include FLAME, SASA, Kent County High School Mentoring, Anglerman Club, Physics Club, WAGS, WAC Out Childhood Cancer, and Women’s Basketball Club. Clubs include Canterbury Fellows, International Relations Club, Sailing Club, Improv Club, Amnesty International, Catholic Campus Ministries, Poetry Club, Nourish International, College Bowling Club, and Colleges Against Cancer.

“I think it’s important to be spending resources on clubs that are active and motivated to make this campus a stronger community,” Creasy said. “We will also be updating the website hopefully soon and creating the most up-to-date list of active clubs will benefit both incoming students and students who are trying to get involved on campus.”

The money recovered from these deactivated clubs can greatly benefit WC. It is easy for students to complain about the colleges they attend — indeed, it is easy for anyone to complain about a place they are overly familiar with. Still, students at WC seem unaware of the tireless efforts on the part of SGA, SEB, and Student Engagement that go to valuable student resources. Initiatives such as this one serve to benefit students.

The Senate focuses on improving Washington College in all aspects in order to improve the quality of life of students. Acquiring a robust budget for these initiatives is vital to maintain this. SGA executives who were integral in this decision should be applauded for their resourcefulness that allowed for more money to be added to the budget.

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