BSU hosts virtual end of semester party

By MacKenzie Brady

Student Life Editor

On Saturday, April 18, Washington College’s Black Student Union hosted their annual end of semester party over Zoom.

“[Erneatka Webster,] our advisor actually came up with having the party on Zoom,” said BSU President Jocelyn Elmore. “We wanted to do it because people have been sad about not being able to have events and things that we worked so hard to plan. So, we figured we could have a virtual party. Though it wouldn’t be like our regular party, we hope it would bring spirits back up despite the stress of the pandemic.”

It took a little while for students to get used to the online party platform, making sure to mute themselves to hear the music, but everybody quickly got the hang of it.

Each semester, BSU’s party is themed. This semester, because the party was moved to Zoom, the theme was a pajama party. The person with the best pajamas won a $20 gift card to the WC bookstore.

“I reached out to Elaine Grant from Student Engagement to see if we would be able to provide a gift card for the best dressed pajamas to encourage people to attend and get involved,” said Elmore.

Aside from the pajamas, some students came to the Zoom ready to party with colorful lights and custom backgrounds, ready to dance and sing to the music Elmore played. Others did homework while hanging out with everyone.

Some students’ siblings were at the party and participated in a few of the TikTok dance-offs.

“I was excited to see everyone dance and enjoy themselves,” said Elmore. “It’s been hard to stay excited and happy when we’re going through a pandemic and a lot of things have changed. However, just being able to enjoy the company of some of our members was refreshing.”

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