POTW – Aubrey

By Kailani Clarke

Elm Staff Writer

Being old in America is hard. In our society, which is driven by an aesthetic fixation on youth, most people over the age of 60 are rendered invisible. Caring for elders is a trait unique to humans and our culture’s typical dismissal of them is shameful. Overlooking the old is not limited to people – senior dogs are often stuck in shelters for far longer than their younger counterparts. 

Perhaps the coronavirus epidemic and its profound threat toward older people has perhaps reminded us how beloved our elders should be. Aubrey, this week’s Pet of the Week at the Animal Care Shelter for Kent County, hopes this awareness may spread to dogs too. 

Aubrey is a nine-year-old mastiff mix, and many miles have passed beneath his paws. This butterscotch boy lived outside most of his life, and while the years passed over him heavily, he has weathered them as a redwood tree weathers the wind.

There is a gentle wisdom in his auburn face, a peace in his leonine body. The pale spot above his nose, his white throat and chest, and the frosty fur on his muzzle all lend him an air of adorable elegance, exemplified by the slight wobble in his walk and the wide fall of his paws. Sit next to him and he will trundle over to lean against your chest, resting his massive head against your shoulder as if telling you to relax and smell the roses. 

Aubrey’s steady pace through life is helpful beyond his Zen vibe. He is heartworm positive, and while this condition is curable, the treatment requires six months of light activity and lots of rest. Therefore, Aubrey is looking for a medical foster, ideally a foster-to-adopt, who could love and care for him while the shelter continues to administer and fund his treatment. He would do best alone or with another calm dog.

These are strange times. With the world so full of fear and uncertainty, one may find solace in the wisdom of those who have survived such times before. Aubrey has walked a difficult life with a heart that stayed open despite it all. He offers love and company even when the world does not return the favor. He is waiting patiently for the day when his faith in benevolence pays off permanently.

Adoptions are currently on hold, but if you are interested in fostering Aubrey or learning more, please contact the Animal Care Shelter for Kent County at 410-778-3648 or email info@kenthumane.org

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