Senate Minutes 4.21

  1. Mayor Cerino spoke at Senate and stressed that Chestertown has been significantly impacted by COVID-19 and the current focus of the town is on survival. Washington College can help with this effort through increased communication and collaboration.
  2. The Diversity Statement will be added as a referendum to the constitution in the fall.
  3. Class elections will be held the last week in September.
  4. Intercultural Affairs Center has been moved to Minta Martin basement.
  5. WC is officially Tree Certified.
  6. The 2020-2021 Student Government Association Executive Board presented their platforms for the upcoming semester.
  1. Parliamentarian Kat DeSantis wants to create a template to improve contracts with clubs on campus, create club constitution guidelines, and add an additional diversity award for a graduating senior.
  2. Secretary of Student Life Isabella Sansanelli hopes to create better meal plans for students who live off campus, increase the amount of Chef Tables held in a semester, and help address the threat of mold in residential dorms by creating resources to educate students on how to combat it.
  3. Secretary of Diversity Jada Aristilde’s goals are to create new ways to celebrate diversity on campus, empower more open forums about diversity, and create a more positive experience for minorities.
  1. Aristilde plans for diversity training at the government level in Chestertown as well as training for the campus community and to create a diversity council that includes all club presidents for clubs pertaining to campus diversity.
  2. Secretary of Environment Seyed Marjaei wants to improve Bike Share on campus and to create a new platform on the GET app to help students be more informed about waste on campus.
  3. Director of Communications and Marketing Veronica Washington plans to develop a social media strategy to make activity on social media pages more consistent.
  4. President Elizabeth Lilly’s goals are to increase safety and respect on campus for minorities and support the student experience after dealing with the current crisis.
  5. Vice President Emilee Daniel will be working on a transition from Presence to Campus Groups and organizing a virtual club fair to accompany the in-person one for this fall.
  6. Financial Controller Liz Hay wants to work on long term financial planning for the SGA.
  7. Secretary of Service and Community Relations Maegan White’s goals are to reincorporate the service element back into clubs, improve the relationship between students and town leadership through town halls, and show support for WC staff that have been furloughed.
  8. Secretary of Academics Will Fifer is planning to improve the study spaces on campus.
  9. Honor Board Chair Diana Moneke wants to improve the Title IX system on campus, work with international students to prevent academic violations due to cultural barriers, and work on orientation presentations to ensure incoming freshmen are aware of honor code and the diversity and inclusion statement.
  10. Administrative Updates from Dean Feyerherm
    1. Diversity initiatives are still being pursued. Public Safety is working on a new WC alert protocol and will be installing another security camera. 
    1. There are counseling services still available to students during the crisis. 
    1. Many staff members have been furloughed but faculty have not. 
    1. There are funds available to help students impacted by COVID-19. 
    1. Contingency plans are being made for next semester regarding how and if students will return to campus. 

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