Student Spotlight, Pet Edition: Kikko, Bogey, and Annie

By MacKenzie Brady

Student Life Editor

Meet Kikko, Bogey, and Annie, junior Jacky Smith’s American Eskimo dog, golden retriever, and cat, respectively.


Nickname: Cheecho, Chicharron, Kikachu

Age: 8

Favorite food: Coffee with cream and sugar. “Unfortunately, he’s lactose intolerant, so it doesn’t end well if he gets access to it. But he sneaks it as often as he can.”

Favorite toy: “Kikko doesn’t stoop to playing with toys. He’s quite haughty that way.”

Favorite class: “Kikko would definitely want to be a performer of some kind, because he thrives on attention. He loves to be admired. All the world is his stage, to butcher a very famous quote.”

Fun fact: “Kikko is a rescue from a puppy mill. He loves to howl when he hears the town siren in the distance, which is very entertaining.”


Nickname: Boger, Boger Ogre, and Mr. Bogerton

Age: 4

Favorite food: Bones.

Favorite toy: Rubber balls. “[Bogey] will absolutely not fetch one for you. He chases it down and then runs off with it. He can’t catch them, either. We think he may be broken.”

Favorite class: “Bogey would be an environmental science major, because he lives to be outside and investigate everything.”

Fun fact: “Bogey is a very talkative dog. Yes, he barks, but he also does this funny mumbling thing when family members come home.”


Nickname: Annie Bananie and Nanners

Age: 9

Favorite food: The water from tuna cans, but not the actual tuna.

Favorite toy: “Annie spends lots of time prowling our woods and only likes to play with smaller furry creatures.”

Favorite class: “Annie would like biology because she is a big fan of dissecting animals.”

Fun fact: “Annie was a stray that adopted us. She was abandoned by her mother and showed up in our yard, crying for help.”

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