Washington College Sports Performance Department keeps athletes engaged over Zoom

WC Strength Coaches run weekly workout sessions in order to maintain progress and community in the wake of COVID-19

By Louie Galdos

Elm Staff Writer

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, students have been working from home in online classes and NCAA Division III Centennial Conference has canceled the remainder of spring sports. However, the Washington College Sports Performance Department has continued to keep their athletes engaged throughout the weeks of isolation.

During these draining and seemingly endless weeks of quarantine, the strength staff from the WC Sports Performance Department began hosting workout sessions from their homes via the Zoom app.    

Three members of the WC Sports Performance Department run these sessions: Head Sports Performance Coach Jonnie Jenkins, Assistant Sports Performance Coach John Weston and Assistant Sports Performance Coach Clare Ingersoll.   

“My staff decided two weeks ago that we wanted to help as many people as possible through fitness, since we had lost the means to do so through the Johnson Fitness Center and our Weight Room,” Jenkins said. “We took to social media and started displaying all the amazing things our Student Athletes did in the weight room prior to COVID-19. We created highlight videos, challenges, and showed how the coaches were staying active.”

Workouts occur every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and offer three sessions a day: 8:00 p.m. EST, 1:30 p.m. EST and 4:00 p.m. EST. On the weekends only one Zoom session is scheduled, and it is Sunday at 10:00 A.M. EST.  Each session is about 40 to 50 minutes.

“We decided to utilize Zoom to get athletes involved in workouts that only involve everyday home implements like a weighted book bag and soup cans. We were able to see them, work out with them, and make that connection that we have been so greatly missing,” said Jenkins.

By utilizing everyday items like soup cans and book bags, the WC strength staff is hoping to be able to engage their athletes in whatever setting quarantine has left them. Whether it is a fully equipped home gym or nothing but basic household items, there are no excuses.

These workouts are designed to help people stay active, break a sweat, and for a short span of time, act as a healthy distraction. The workouts are for anyone at any level of their fitness journey. Participants have the option of videos being on or off during the session and can modify the workouts to fit their own level of ability. 

 “After the incredible response, we made the decision to open all our Zoom workouts to the entire campus community and friends. This past Wednesday [April 8] we helped 125 people break a sweat and get a great workout in.  The goal for Friday [April 10] is to get close to that 150-participant mark. We have families, siblings, and significant others training together. Coaches, students, alumni, local Chestertown residents, and even 2020 incoming first year students participating,” Jenkins said.

If you or a friend is interested, please email Jonnie Jenkins at jjenkins4@washcoll.edu for the direct links to the Zoom sessions. These Zoom workouts are open to anyone who would like to join.

Also, for current information regarding WC athletics, follow the Instagram pages @washcollstrength @chesapeakestrength @jwesfitness or @clare_ingersoll. 

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