Student Spotlight quarantine edition: Remus Ashmore

By Emma Russell

Student Life Editor

Hometown: Middletown, Delaware

Where you’re quarantining: My best friend’s house in Easton Maryland

Major(s): Theatre

Minor(s): History, hopefully

Year: 2023

Clubs/Organizations: I’m currently in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, and I’m in dance club but taking a break until I can get some health issues sorted out.

Plans after WC: Become a costume designer and either live in the middle of nowhere or travel the country to whichever theatre calls me at the time.

Plans after COVID-19: See the people I miss again, explore a forest, and visit my favorite place in the world — High Street.

What’s been keeping you busy during quarantine: Sewing, reading, a ton of texting friends.

Learned something new: How to better operate a sewing machine.

Your quarantine show, movie, and/or book: Anything by Tamora Pierce, they’re total comfort books.

Work/Internship: I work as part of Gibson crew when on campus.

Fun Fact: I have a pet hamster; his name is Ray.

The thing you miss the most about WC: Everything about the theatre department, it’s my home.

Advice for students in quarantine: Make a designated night a week to talk with your friends in a video call or play a game with them. It’ll ease the loneliness and give you a sense of time.

Featured Photo caption: Sophomore Remus Ashmore. Photo Courtesy of Remus Ashmore.

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