What is Athey Athletics Club?

By Tyler Schwarzman

Elm Staff Writer

Established as a tribute to Edward L. Athey, who served as Washington College’s Athletic Director for almost 40 years from 1948 to 1987, the Athey Athletics Club seeks to promote family connection through team unity and lifelong bonds. Something that was a goal to Athey himself.

The club was created to provide the monetary resources for student-athletes and coaches at the college to compete at a higher level and provide the equipment needed to do it.   

With 18 varsity teams, Washington College Athletics is a very large community. Aside from the players and coaches themselves, all varsity sports teams at Washington are supported by alumni, parents, friends, and fans. Athey Athletics Club provides a chance for them to donate to the athletics to help them to achieve more in their sports. 

According to the WC Athletics website, donating to and becoming a member of the Athey Athletics Club “ensures that all student-athletes, including those competing in your favorite sports, gain an advantage that inspires performance across the board.” 

Athey Athletics is “the fundraising arm and giving society of Washington College Athletics. It is the primary way to support any varsity team at WC during a time where it is ever-so needed,” said Sean Flanigan,Washington College’s Associate Director of the College Advancement of Athletics 

Currently, the club is headed by Coach Roy Dunshee of the WC men’s soccer team. He has been coaching at WC for almost 10 years. He attended University of South Carolina, where he also played soccer. 

Coach Dunshee has a successful coaching background at Severna Park High School and St. Mary’s Catholic High School, both in Annapolis, Maryland. He also has had affiliations with Coevering Coaching, an international soccer organization, for over two decades. 

 Flanigan also emphasized the need to fundraise and its increasing importance to provide WC’s student-athletes with a “first-class” experience. 

“The cost associated with intercollegiate competition is constantly increasing, even within Division III,” said Flanigan.

With the help of supportive donators, The Athey Athletics Club has been helping athletes at WC perform better. The money from donors goes to things like uniforms, equipment, and equipment repairs.

In the fall of 2018, Athey Athletics had raised enough money to provide all student-athletes an Athey Athletics book bag to keep sports gear or school supplies inside. These backpacks can be seen worn around campus frequently. 

With the continuous help of the Athey Athletics Club, WC’s student-athletes can look forward to more conference championships, higher ranking NCAA statistics, school records, and winning seasons.  

To find out how to donate and become a member of the Athey Athletics Club, please visit http://bit.ly/2QSKRzm. For more general information regarding the club, check out https://www.washingtoncollegesports.com/general/2018-19/videos/20181017-vfjhre0h

Anyone can contact Coach Dunshee ( rdunshee2@washcoll.edu) for more information as well. 

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