SAAC hosts trivia night over Zoom

By Julia Sparco

Elm Staff Writer

On Wednesday, Oct. 7 the Washington College Student Athletic Advisory Committee held a trivia night over Zoom. 

SAAC is the voice for the WC student-athletes. It is a committee that keeps athletes engaged, informed, and helps strengthen the bond with the college and town communities.

 The SAAC events committee was arranged the trivia night event. The events committee is led by senior baseball player and SAAC Vice President CJ Gillmer and sophomore field hockey player, SAAC Secretary and Social Media Coordinator, Tatum Schatt. 

SAAC trivia night is usually held on campus with at least one athlete from each team participating, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was required to be over Zoom. 

“We know that it’s a difficult time, so we wanted to give our student-athletes a chance to connect with each other virtually and learn some facts about WC athletics,” senior field hockey player and SAAC President Kailyn Brandt said. 

The theme for trivia night was “How well do you know WC Athletics?” Each of the WC teams submitted facts pertaining to their players’ histories, records, and statistics to be put in a Kahoot game. 

“I found it really fun to learn facts about other teams that I did not know before,” junior volleyball player and SAAC Treasurer Jennifer Kabrick said.

First place went to senior Catherine Keirn, second was senior Anna Bennet, and third was sophomore Sydney Allender, all of whom are women’s lacrosse players. 

The women’s lacrosse team had the most participants out of all the WC teams. 

“It was a great way to connect with other athletes and broaden our knowledge about each team along the way,” Kiern said. “We were really excited to get involved in this event.” 

“It was a fun evening and we’re looking forward to holding more virtual events for our athletes and campus community in the near future,” Brandt said.

The entirety of SAAC meets once or twice a month to plan online events and even some safe, in-person events in Chestertown.

In the past, SAAC frequently held blackout games, t-shirt give-aways, food sales, and dodgeball tournaments. SAAC has teamed up with the Student Government Association to plan and host campus events. 

“My committee specifically, the Racial Justice Committee, has been focused on creating a pledge for athletes and finding ways to have more conversations and educate ourselves about racial injustice and inequality,” sophomore women’s tennis player, Head of the Racial Justice Committee and Vice President of SAAC, Alisha White said. 

White also stated that SAAC officials have been teaming up with the WC Black Student Union and SGA to make this happen and plan more events like the trivia night. 

To find more information on WC SAAC, you can visit their website at or visit their Instagram for updates on events, @washcollsaac.

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