SGA Minutes Sept. 22

In October, there will be a faculty meeting about the leniency of individual class work requirements and other student concerns in comparison to the past digital semester sent to Academic Committee Chair Will Fifer. The Department Compartment rooms on Discord are set up and will launch soon.

The Political Atlas survey is now on Slack for the campus. The Diversity Committee has elected a social media and a chair for Slack. There is discussion among the SGA about adopting the most recent Diversity Statement into the constitution.

The Environmental Committee is working on a survey regarding the resurgence of the bike share program. They are also working on an infographic to give students about reusable water bottles when they plan to hand them out to the students on campus. The committee will meet with Shane Brill to discuss the Green Purchasing guidelines.

They are continuing to work on the free store proposed by the Wildlife Conservation Club.

The revision of the Fall Budget Resolution and Guidelines have been voted to pass.

The SGA also voted to pass the 2020-2021 SGA Platform.

SGA President Elizabeth Lilly discussed the findings from a survey she sent out on opinions for the Spring semester:

  • Many students want in-person learning next semester.
  • Many students were concerned about social interactions.
  • Many students are concerned about how mental health is being affected by online learning.
  • Results will be shared with faculty members to help better adjust courses to online learning.

The open forum with Interim President Powell regarding this information will be on Oct. 7 from 5 to 6 p.m. Students must register for the event on Campus Groups.

There is a new Interfraternity Council initiative called Greek 30.

If you are interested in Club Rugby, contact Omari Watkins for more information.

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