Student Spotlight quarantine edition: Niko Chen

By Emma Russell

Student Life Editor

Hometown: Katy, TX

Where you’re quarantining: Katy, TX

Major(s): Intended Anthropology and possibly Philosophy or History

Minor(s): Intended Creative Writing

Year: 2024

Clubs/Organizations: “I read the stage directions in the play ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime,’ I’ve joined a few clubs on Campus Groups like EROS, SAGE, and the Equestrian Club, but I haven’t heard about any events, so I haven’t been active,” Chen said.

Plans after Washington College: “I don’t know yet, but probably grad school,” Chen said.

Plans after COVID-19: “I’m planning a cross country road trip with some friends, don’t wanna risk never being able to see things if something like this happens again,” they said.

What’s been keeping you busy: “Mostly schoolwork and the unexpected presence of family in my school life. I’ve picked up a few hobbies during quarantine too,” Chen said.

Learned something new: “I’m still in the process of learning embroidery, just started learning how to mold role-playing dice, and made a chainmail shirt out of pop tabs,” they said.

Quarantine show, movie, and book: Chen has been bingeing a lot but has most recently watched the show “Soul Eater,” the movie “The Old Guard,” and is currently reading “The Way of Kings” but enjoys everything written by author Brandon Sanderson

Work/internship: N/A

Fun Fact: Chen is currently writing an audio play.

The thing you were looking forward to the most about WC: “Being away from home and making new friends, although I would argue that I’m more social now than I’ve ever been before,” Chen said.

Advice: “Don’t let the Zoom tiles keep you from talking to people. I took a chance and messaged a classmate asking to be friends and now we play DND [Dungeons and Dragons] together every week. It also led to a domino effect of being introduced to a whole bunch of other people including my second DND group, I never would have met any of them if I hadn’t taken that chance,” they said.

Featured Photo caption: Photo of sophomore Niko Chen. Photo Courtesy of Niko Chen.

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