Student Spotlight quarantine edition: Rachel Merson

By Emma Russell

Student Life Editor

Hometown: Dover, Del.

Where you’re quarantining: “I am quarantined with my family in Dover. Thankfully, our dogs and cats seem to love having us around more,” Merson said.

Major(s): “I haven’t declared anything yet, but I am thinking about choosing English as my major,” she said.

Minor(s): “Currently, I am interested in the Secondary-Education minor, but I am still trying to find what fits me best,” she said

Year: Freshman 

Clubs/Organizations: According to Merson, she’s thinking about joining the philosophy club in order to branch out and meet new people. 

Plans after Washington College: “To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure! I think once I find what truly interests me, I will start to have a solid plan,” Merson said.

Plans after COVID-19: “Hang out with friends, we all miss each other so much, so we are definitely planning to hang out more. Also, I can’t wait to enjoy campus life to its fullest once COVID-19 has passed over,” she said. 

What’s been keeping you busy during quarantine: “My pets for sure. I have three dogs and three cats, so there is always something fun happening with them,” Merson said.

Learned something new: “My best friend wants a hedgehog, so we have been doing plenty of research on them this year,” Merson said. 

Your quarantine show, movie, and/or book: “My quarantine TV show has been ‘Ms. America.’ It’s on Hulu, and I decided to watch it as it had so many actresses that I loved on the show. I found it a fascinating piece of media that commented on the Equal Rights Amendment movement,” she said.

Work/Internship: “At home, I’ve been my grandmother’s live-in caregiver since April of 2020. It’s not a traditional job, but I’ve been able to work with nurses and doctors on how to care for an older patient who does have some complex needs. It’s been rewarding to help my grandma stay home and safe during this time,” she said. 

Fun Fact: Merson is a Capricorn.

The thing you miss the most about WC: “I never really got to experience WC except through tours, but what I wish I could have right now is library access. I feel that having an area designed for work would be beneficial for me,” Merson said.

Advice for students in quarantine: “Get up and move around. You won’t feel so stuck to your computer screen if you get your body moving,” she said.

Featured Photo caption: Photo of freshman Rachel Merson. Photo Courtesy of Rachel Merson.

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