Information to our ears: recommended podcasts to listen to during the spring semester

By Nia Anthony

Elm Staff Writer 

With another virtual semester at Washington College, some students are looking for something to listen to while studying and walking around campus. 

Whether it’s a cram homework session or a socially distant hangout with friends, here are five quality podcasts to listen to this week. 

Radio Free George — Spotify and Apple 

Radio Free George is Washington College’s Radio Club “made by the students, for the students,” according to the RFG Instagram. The platform itself features a multitude of podcasts across many genres, including the arts, literature and pop culture. 

Students can stay up to date with the goings-on of WC with “Transparency Trap” with the Narrative Journalism class or get entertainment from “Since You Didn’t Ask” with hosts junior Ty Hawkins and junior Maddie Jones; “AdNerdium” with senior Patrick Salerno; or “Manic Pixie Dream Grrls” with sophomore Kera Wagley and junior Holly Maureen. 

Listening to Radio Free George is a great way to kill time, and also support WC students.

“Small Town Murder” – Spotify and Apple 

Comedians James Pietragallo and Jimmie Whisman dive deep into seemingly quiet small towns and expose horrific murders throughout the decades. Episodes like “We Will Dig Up That Basement!” in Vinton, Va. and “Hello, I’m My Sister” in Anniston, Ala. are particularly suspenseful for those who like a story with many twists and turns. 

Each new two-hour show is released each Wednesday. 

“Renegades: Born in the USA” — Spotify and Apple

What do a former United States president and a top 100 rock artist have in common? A limited series podcast all about growing up in America. 

Unlikely friends former President Barack Obama and singer Bruce Springsteen sit down to discuss life in the U.S. In this critical yet heartwarming series, Obama and Springsteen make the perfect podcast pairing to talk about society and culture as major public figures. The episodes are all between 15 and 45 minutes long with three episodes already out on Spotify. 

“NPR Politics Podcast” — Spotify, Apple, Pocket Podcasts 

If you want updates on what’s going on in U.S politics but have a short time frame, this political podcast from National Public Radio is for you. Each episode is roughly 30 minutes long and features fast but informative news tidbits that you may need. The episodes drop daily with a “weekly roundup” every Friday that details the important things you may have missed during the week. 

“Every weekday, NPR’s best political reporters are there to explain the big news coming out of Washington [D.C.] …They don’t just tell you what happened. They tell you why it matters,” NPR said.

“Stuff Mom Never Told You” — Spotify, Apple, iHeartRadio 

What better way to celebrate Women’s History Month than talking about the ways identifying as a woman can be amazing and difficult all at once? Podcast hosts Samantha McVey and Anney Reese cover all things girl talk, from pop culture to periods to important women you should know. Episodes range from 22 minutes to over an hour but are packed with wit and information. 

Regardless of genre preferences, all these shows are highly rated and incredibly entertaining, perfect for tuning in this semester.

Featured Photo caption: To get through another spring semester spent online, here are a few recommended podcasts to give a listen to in between classes. Photo by Sammy Jarrett.

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