PSA: Second round of COVID-19 relief funds set dates for distribution

By Victoria Gill-Gomez

News Editor

Washington College students were informed in a Feb. 26 email about the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund application.

The application opened for students who did not originally qualify for the primary group of grant students, but are still having financial difficulty directly related to the pandemic.

Additionally, students will now need to make a request for funds. 

“The pool of relief funds for the second group of students is limited but we will make every effort to distribute those funds as fairly and to as many students as we can,” the email said.

Students will have the option to either have it directly deposited into their bank accounts, which they will need to have verified by the school; or, they can allocate the funds directly to their tuition.

According to the email, students in the first predetermined group of recipients are no longer eligible.

This application will remain open until March 7 and decisions about allocating funds will be made as quickly as possible. 

Students will be emailed if their application is approved.

Any questions should be sent to the WC Response team at

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