SGA presidential and vice-presidential candidates share their platforms to WC students in introductory videos

By Emma Reilly

Elm Staff Writer

The Student Government Association of Washington College officially kicked off election season with the announcement of presidential and vice-presidential candidates for the 2021-2022 academic year on March 1.

The candidates for SGA vice president are President of the Class of 2024 freshman Grace Apostol, Chair of the SGA Environmental Committee sophomore Kevin Denice, and SGA Organization Committee Member sophomore Alex May, according to an email sent to students on March 12. 

According to the same email, SGA Parliamentarian junior Kat DeSantis is running unopposed for SGA president.

This year’s candidates have each posted an introductory video to the SGA’s YouTube channel to present themselves and their platforms to student voters.

DeSantis’s presidential platform emphasizes establishing trust and building relationships between WC students, faculty, and administration, according to her video. 

“Over the past year, there’s been various challenges that have prevented us from truly being one united campus,” DeSantis said. 

According to DeSantis’s video, unity can be preserved partially through the promotion of transparency and accountability on the part of WC’s administration. 

In addition to fostering an open and honest relationship with the administration, DeSantis wants to fortify those same connections between students and the SGA.

“As SGA president I will do my best to make sure the SGA is transparent, communicative, and inclusive. I want everyone to feel like they can come to us with their issues and trust we will do our best to get them solved,” DeSantis said.

DeSantis also acknowledged the role WC’s diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives will play in strengthening these community relationships, saying she wants to prioritize them to “ensure that all student voices are heard.”

DeSantis currently serves as SGA parliamentarian and is chair of the Review Board. As an involved member of the student government, DeSantis has increased SGA participation by boosting voter turnout, recruiting senators, creating leadership roles in the Constitutional Review Committee, and facilitating an auxiliary committee, according to her video.

The candidates for SGA vice president also focused on their platforms, previous leadership roles, and legislative experience in their videos.

Apostol has a long history in student government, being involved with her middle and high school student councils. 

Apostol also cited her past experiences planning retreats, masses, and prayer services as providing her with the skills to be SGA vice president.

Apostol is involved with WC’s theatre program, clubs, and SGA Service Committee. Interactions with the student body facilitated by these groups have inspired Apostol’s candidacy.

“I really enjoy being involved in the community…I would really like to be able to represent you guys come this next term,” Apostol said.

Denice’s platform emphasizes transitions and transparency. 

“Many clubs are having difficulties finding and adequately training successors for leadership positions under the unique conditions we are under,” Denice said. 

As the current president of D.R.E.A.M and treasurer of the Chess Special Interest Group at WC, Denice feels that he is particularly well-equipped to tackle this issue.

According to Denice’s video, easing the transition to in-person activities and facilitating online and in-person collaborations with the local community for student groups would also be a priority of his candidacy.

As Chair of the SGA Environmental Committee, Denice has collaborated with the secretary of Student Life, the SGA Service Committee, and the secretary of Academics. He also served on the Constitutional Review Auxiliary Committee on Elections and Appointments.

“I aim to increase the transparency of the SGA and the executive board in particular…by sending out regular reports to the student body,” Denice said.

Also running for SGA vice president is May, who hopes to encourage students to pursue multifaceted campus involvements. 

By encouraging athletes to participate in other student groups, May believes she can help “bridge the gap between athletes and non-athletes” in order to better unify the student body.

According to May, community involvements have encouraged her to pursue inclusivity.

“As someone who’s involved in both athletics and Greek life, I understand the importance of…making everyone feel welcome,” May said. “I want to encourage overlap amongst the large organizations on campus.”

May serves on the SGA Organization Committee, where she observes proceedings, works on legislation regarding club statuses, and reviews club applications.

Following the announcement of candidates, students can look towards the SGA Candidate Debate, which will occur on March 18, and will be moderated by Interim Provost and Dean of the College Dr. Michael Harvey.

SGA elections will be held on March 23. Students will cast their ballots for the SGA’s 2021-2022 president and vice president at this time.

The Student Government Association entered election season with the release of vice-presidential and presidential candidate videos on their YouTube channel. SGA Parliamentarian junior Kat DeSantis (featured photo) is running unopposed for SGA president. Vice-presidential candidates include President of the Class of 2024 freshman Grace Apostol (left), sophomore Alex May (middle), and Chair of the SGA Environmental Committee sophomore Kevin Denice (right). Photos by Izze Rios.

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