Spring fashion forward: what WC students can look for this fashion season

By Kaitlin Dunn 

Elm Staff Writer 

As the weather warms, Washington College students can now put away their winter coats and prepare for the upcoming season, wearing the trends that capture the optimistic feel of the spring. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic has made leisure outfits and work-from-home attire more commonplace in the fashion sphere, it is now, according to Vogue writer Steff Yotka, “past time to break the cycle of dependence on sweatpants and leggings, and the spring 2021 collections certainly offer plenty of alternatives.”

Here are some new trends and fashion ideas to test out for spring. 

Monochromatic outfits 

During the presidential inauguration of Joe Biden, many members of the Biden family and their associates were seen wearing different shades of monochromatic outfits, leading them to become more prevalent in the media. Various fashion media websites have reported on the return and sustainability of classic monochrome fashion. 

“I think that monochromatic outfits will always be trendy because it’s easy to match pieces of the same color,” Frase said. “It has shown that you really only need basic pieces and then a few layering pieces for the fall and winter to build your wardrobe.”

The appeal of monochromatic outfits lies not only in the classic look, but also the ease it offers in styling. 

“I find the simplicity of [monochromatic outfits] to be extremely satisfying,” White said. “I also find it a bit bold because a lot of people would not want to wear a head-to-toe outfit that is all in the same color range [and] I admire people that do wear it.” 

One of the appeals of monochromatic outfits is that they allow you to accessorize elsewhere, with things like jewelry helping to turn what would be just a standard one-color outfit, into an elevated fashion statement. 

“I am a simple person so to style my look, I would use jewelry. I love good jewelry because I think it adds a nice shine and pop with whatever you’re wearing. So, I would focus on the little open areas and add jewelry there, like my neck, and wrist,” White said.

Statement pants 

As opposed to the monochromatic outfits, statement pants are the focal point of an outfit, often touting bright colors and wide legs, offering a more emboldened look to match the spirit of the season.

 When paired with a patterned, fitted top and an equally bold piece of jewelry, statement pants can go a long way, allowing you to go with the flow and embrace the comforts of springtime. 

“If I were to wear statement pants, the design would be simple, maybe some stripes or a traditional Thai elephant design,” White said. “Overall, that [outfit choice] is a personal preference, I think it all depends on the person’s personality.”

Mini and micromini skirts 

Mini or micromini skirts are skirts that hit at mid-thigh or above, showing most of the leg. While miniskirts hit typically at mid-thigh, the micromini hits at the upper thigh. 

Fashion magazines such as Vogue have lauded over the return of the miniskirt with the upcoming season. They have been featured in high fashion designer collections and affordable brand collections alike. 

Students as well are excited about the return of the micromini for spring, as it signifies a return of more vintage fashion styles. 

“I think mini/micromini skirts are nice and I love seeing how people style [them],” junior Alisha White, ambassador for the Aw_Cultured Breeze clothing line on Instagram, said. 

“The miniskirts are more of a 2000s piece and the statement pants originate from the 1970s. I love that the trends from both of these eras are coming back,” sophomore Destiny Frase said. “Miniskirts are great for the spring because you can wear it alone or with sheer tights underneath when the weather is colder.” 

Sustainable fashion 

Along with these fashion staples, sustainability has also become more popular. Brands such as Everlane and Reformation offer both trendy and staple pieces while also distancing themselves from depending on the same fast fashion model used by big name brands. 

While sustainable brands can be on the pricey side, sustainability in general doesn’t have to cost you much; if you’re looking to spend as little money as possible, try secondhand shopping. 

“I try to reduce my fast-fashion consumption, but I know that some ethical fashion companies are extremely expensive,” Frase said. “As an alternative, I buy most of my clothes secondhand from Depop or Poshmark and I make sure to buy things that I know I will wear multiple times.” 

With the new spring staples, there is something for everyone to try out and experiment with for a new look this spring.

Sophomore Destiny Frase (featured photo) and junior Alisha White (below) offer insight as to what is hot on the College runway this spring. Photos by Mark Cooley.

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