Student Spotlight quarantine edition: Megan Blaine

By Emma Russell

Student Life Editor

Hometown: Chevy Chase, Md.

Where you’re quarantining: Blaine is at home.

Major(s): Chemistry

Minor(s): Education

Year: Sophomore

Clubs/Organizations: Blaine is on the softball team, and has played Center and Left field. 

Plans after Washington College: Blaine plans on attending graduate school.

Plans after COVID-19: “Going to the movies,” Blaine said. 

What’s been keeping you busy during quarantine: “Almost every day I take my puppy to the park. It’s great because he gets his energy out by running around with the other dogs, and I get to talk to people. It’s both of our social interactions for the day,” she said.

Learned something new: Blaine learned how to “decorate a bathroom with an ocean theme.”

Your quarantine show, movie, and/or book: Blaine binged “The Mandalorian” twice and said her family finished the show in just two days. 

Work/Internship: N/A

Fun Fact: “I’m starting to get into board games, I just discovered that the video game, ‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ has a board game. I’m super excited to learn the game,” Blaine said.

The thing you miss the most about WC: “Coincidentally, my mom asked me that same question yesterday. I said I missed the everyday interactions between classmates and the faculty,” she said.

Advice for students in quarantine: “Keep your spirits up. It may seem like the tunnel doesn’t end, but it most certainly does. If you feel overwhelmed, use a meditation app. Every time I feel stressed, I listened to one of the tapes used in Breethe [a mediation and sleep app], and I felt 100% better,” she said.

Featured Photo of sophomore Megan Blaine. Photo Courtesy of Megan Blaine.

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