Student Spotlight quarantine edition: Melissa DeFrancescso

By Emma Russell

Student Life Editor

Hometown: Rutherford, N.J.

Where you’re quarantining: Boston, Mass.

Major(s): Environmental Studies and Anthropology

Minor(s): Chesapeake Regional Studies

Year: Junior

Clubs/Organizations: DeFrancescso is a member of the Cater Society, KAO Environmental Honor Society, Lambda Alpha Anthropology Honor Society, Eastern Shore Food Lab, and Alpha Chi Omega.

Plans after Washington College: “My goal is to get a job in ecological research or conservation. I would love to work for the Smithsonian,” DeFrancescso said.

Plans after COVID-19: “It’ll be really nice to travel and see friends and family again without worrying,” DeFrancescso said.

What’s been keeping you busy during quarantine: “Schoolwork and searching for internships/jobs have taken up most of my time, but I’ve also enjoyed reading, doing experimental cooking and baking, and spending time with my family,” she said. 

Learned something new: “Last April my dad and I built a composting bin in the backyard and my family started learning how to compost. It’s been a really fulfilling hobby for us and has cut back our waste/trash dramatically,” DeFrancescso said. She even recommended a resource for those interested in starting a compost bin of their own 

Your quarantine show, movie, and/or book: “I’ve been rewatching ‘Parks and Recreation’ (my favorite show). My family also loves ‘Lord of the Rings,’ so we picked a day over the summer and did a marathon of all the movies (extended editions of course),” she said. 

Work/Internship: “I’m currently waiting to hear back from a few summer internship programs. Fingers crossed,” DeFrancescso said.

Fun Fact: DeFrancescso has met Guy Fieri and said “he’s super nice.”

The thing you miss the most about WC: “Definitely the campus. I loved being able to walk down the Cater Walk and wave at friends on the way to and from classes. I also miss walking into town on the weekends for coffee and the farmer’s market,” she said. 

Advice for students in quarantine: “Get outside as much as possible, fresh air really helps clear my head, especially on a long day of classes. I love to go on walks/hikes, but even just stepping out of your front door for five minutes can help. (Of course, do these things safely. Always social distance and wear a mask, and don’t go out if you are symptomatic or COVID-19 positive),” DeFrancescso said.

Featured Photo of Junior Melissa DeFrancescso. Photo courtesy of Melissa DeFrancescso.

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