Both men’s and women’s rowing see success in MARC championships

By Jordan Fairchild

Elm Staff Writer 

On Sunday, April 25, the Washington College Men’s and Women’s Rowing teams travelled to West Windsor, N. J. to compete in the Mid-Atlantic Rowing Conference Championships.

The Shoremen’s First Varsity Eight finished in second place with a time of 6:27.46 minutes. In first place, Adrian College finished in 6:24.52 minutes.

“I think our huge success of today was swinging all the way down the course with Adrian. We didn’t back down, and they only had three seconds on us,” senior Evan Koch said. “We had our best race of the season by far and even though they walked away with the gold, it’s incredibly exciting to have such a thrilling race, battling neck and neck the whole way down the course. It’s not an experience you often get in rowing.”

“We had to overcome some mental barriers after a particularly frustrating week of practice, but we really came together today and earned a silver medal after a very close race with Adrian College,” junior Jack Lee said. “We all felt this was our best race we’ve had all season.”

The Shoremen’s Varsity Double placed second with a time of 9:26.59 minutes.

Overall, the Shoremen placed second in the MARC. 

The Shoremen in the Varsity Eight was named Shoremen of the Week by WC.

Within the Centennial Conference, junior captain Max Moore and Koch made the All-Conference team and freshman Garrett Cole made the All-Conference Novice team. 

Koch and senior captain Charlie Snyder made the All-Academic Conference honor roll, with GPAs higher than a 3.5. 

“I’m really proud of us working with what we had through a pandemic, injuries, and walk-ons,”  Moore said. “To have our best placing at MARC in five years and the fastest boat I have been in while at WC, we have set ourselves up for a really good 2021–2022 season, improving ourselves and the team.”

On Sunday, April 25, the Shorewomen rowers also participated in the MARC.

The Shorewomen’s First Varsity Eight and Second Varsity Eight secured first place victories over their opponents with times of 7:09.37 minutes and 7:45.3 minutes. Their Varsity Four finished in second place with a time of 9:20.37 minutes.

“Today, all of us in the boat had our minds connected and in sync,” junior Skyler Hancock said. “We all increased our power and speed in between the 1000-meter and the 1500-meter marks as we took lengths away from the boat next to us in the final.” 

With their victories on Sunday, the Shorewomen became the 2021 MARC champions.

“Something I learned this season is that even when the odds are against you, if you push through, you can accomplish anything,” freshman Natalie Wisnoski said. “We are not the biggest girls out on the water, but we are determined, and it makes all the difference.”

The Shorewomen will go on to compete in the NCAA Championships next month in Sarasota, Fla.

“My team is so amazing, each and every one of them,” sophomore Ashley Dummitt said. “We won our conference for the eighth year in a row and are now on our way to the NCAA Championships in Sarasota next month.”  

Earlier during the week, the Shorewomen earned the number 10 ranking in the most recent NCAA Division III Poll. Now that they are MARC champions, the Shorewomen expect their ranking to go up.

The Shorewomen’s First Varsity Eight squad was named Shorewomen of the Week. 

“We are very proud,” senior Talia Seidman said. “This year was incredibly uncertain and it’s amazing that we kept working hard and saw such great results.”

Senior Agnes Anderson, sophomore Brooklyn Horine, and junior Caroline Jackson made the Centennial Conference All-Conference team. 

Shorewomen who made the Academic All-Conference team include seniors Emma Dodsworth, Anderson, and Seidman, juniors Analiese Bush, Hancock, Jackson, Kitri Post, and Cassidy Predale, and sophomores Dummitt, Olivia Payne and Emma Radinsky.

Featured Photo caption: The Shorewomen row in the water. Photo by Ben Wang.

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