Both WC tennis teams see wins and losses over the past two weeks

By Lauren Zedlar

Elm Staff Writer

On Saturday, March 27, the Washington College women’s tennis team visited McDaniel College for their second Centennial Conference match against the Green Terrors.

The Shorewomen won the first two doubles matches with freshman Piper Sartison and sophomore Bin Nguyen in the number two spots and sophomore Ireng Meng and junior captain Alisha White at number one. 

The third doubles match went to the Green Terrors with the Shorewomen being unable to produce the numbers for a third team. 

The Shorewomen won 24 of 25 games in singles. Meng won at number one in singles, Sartison at number two, White at number three, and Nguyen at No.4. All four of these matches were won in straight sets. 

The fifth and sixth singles matches were awarded to the Green Terror since the Shorewomen were not able to produce players for those matches. 

The Shorewomen won at 6–3. 

“Our match against McDaniel was great for us because it tested our patience,” White said. “We had to adapt the different playing styles and with that being said, we did a great job handling it.”

On Saturday, April 3, the Shorewomen traveled to Ursinus to play a Centennial Conference match against the Bears. The Shorewomen took the first two doubles matches gaining an early lead of 2–0. 

Senior captain Ella Samer and Nyguyen won for the number two doubles; Meng and White won for the number one doubles. The third doubles match was awarded to the Bears due to lack of players from the Shorewomen.

The Shorewomen continued to better their lead into the singles matches with wins on five out of the six singles matches. 

Meng played at number one, Sartison at number two, Samer at number three, White at number four, and Nguyen at number five for singles. The sixth singles match was again awarded to the Bears due to the lack of players for the Shorewomen. 

The matches concluded at 7–2 as a win for the Shorewomen advancing their Conference record to 3–0 and 4–1 overall. 

“I think today was one of our best matches as a team and I couldn’t be prouder of the way we performed,” Samer said. “Everyone showed up to play and meant business and it showed on the court.” 

The Shorewomen’s next game is home on Saturday, April 10 at 1 p.m. versus Johns Hopkins University. 

On Saturday, April 3, the WC men’s tennis team faced the Ursinus Bears for a Centennial Conference match. 

The Bears ended up taking the win against the Shoremen at 7–2. The Bears won all three doubles matches gaining an early lead at 3–0. 

The first two doubles matches were won by the Bears and the third awarded to the Bears because the shoremen were unable to produce a third team due to low numbers. 

Sophomore Landon Strober won the first singles match and freshman Ian Hewes won the second singles match for the Shoremen cutting the Bears’ lead to 3–2. The Bears took the third and fourth single matches furthering their lead to 5–2. 

The final two singles matches were awarded to the Bears due to the lack of members the shoremen have. 

The final score of the matches was 7–2, Bears. This made the Shoremens’ Conference record 1–1 and 2–3 overall. 

“It’s always going to be tough for us since we only have four guys on campus this semester, but that has never and will never stop us from competing,” Sophomore Christian Gruyon said.  “But we still had plenty of close matches with Landon and Ian pulling out wins in their singles. Looking forward to our next one!” 

The Shoremen’s next match is on Saturday, April 10 at 1 p.m. versus John Hopkins University at home.

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