“In Gus we trust”: how to make your own Gus the Goose costume

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Feeling at home on campus is difficult in a normal year but feeling distant and disconnected has been further exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing guidelines, and a reduced number of students on campus this semester. 

Many students are searching for a way to make WC feel more like home. Clubs aren’t working, intermural sports aren’t happening, so what is the disgruntled student to do? 

And then you remember: Gus the Goose, our residential mascot — what could make a student feel more at home at WC than dressing up as the Goose himself?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make your very own Gus the Goose costume, bringing a little bit of campus cheer back to your room. 

Step 1: Acquire feathers 

To have a truly authentic Goose Nation experience, be sure to use real goose feathers. 

As an environmentally conscious campus, it is discouraged to collect geese for the traditional method of goose feather collecting.

There are plenty of geese by the Chester River, and where there are geese, there are loose feathers. 

While collecting feathers, be wary of the geese themselves. Geese are extremely hostile birds, and they do have teeth. 

“If a goose begins acting aggressively toward you, maintain eye contact and face your body directly toward the bird,” Alexander Webster, reporter for Geese Relief, an international goose magazine, said. “Never close or squint your eyes, and do not turn your back or shoulders away because that will make the goose more likely to attack.”

Step 2: Dye the feathers 

Let’s face it: Gus isn’t Gus without the maroon feathers. Now that you have collected the feathers — hopefully without sustaining injuries — it’s time to dye. 

Working with natural feathers, you can utilize any dye material to achieve the color you desire. Simply bring your mixture to a boil to dissolve all the color into the water, then place the feathers into the water. Let sit while the color takes hold. 

After you remove the feathers from the dye, there are a few methods you can take to ensure that vibrant WC maroon. 

“Blow them dry while rubbing with a towel, with the constant motion, it will keep them from sticking together,” Serena Ducksworthy, writer of the goose craft blog, MoonlightFeather, said. “If you’re dying a lot of feathers, you can put them inside an old pillowcase in the dryer on high.” 

Step 3: Attach the feathers to a suit 

Now that your feathers are prepped, it’s time to begin manufacturing your suit. The easiest thing would be to buy a premade goose suit and attach the feathers on to it, either by sewing or gluing the feathers on. 

Goose suits are available at your local party supply store, or via Amazon if you are unable to make it to Party City. For inspiration, look to Gus to determine what sort of goose costume you should buy to match his look. 

Step 4: Make or buy a colonial-style jacket 

The last step is making Gus’ signature colonial jacket. While you could make this finishing touch yourself, you can also buy one from online sellers or thrift it.

Make sure when you’re buying or crafting your colonial jacket that you don’t forget the signature buttons. 

According to VintageGooseDaily fashion blog writers Britney Featherington and John Quack Fitzgerald, “shades of dark blue and black,” along with accessories in shades of gold, best compliment the maroon feathers. 

“The most important part of the suit is the buttons,” Featherington said. “Make sure you utilize gold, colonial style buttons for a truly authentic suit.”

Now that you have all the steps, go show off your fashionable love of Goose nation, whether you’re at home or on-campus — you’ll be making our residential gander proud.

Featured Photo caption: If you miss showing your school spirit, here are a few steps on how to make your own Gus the Goose mascot costume to make you feel more at home. Photo by Duck Dodgers.

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