Inaugural WC Hype House encourages its tenants to “bust it down”

By Obi Megwan Kenobi

Public Relations Consultant for the Jedi Order

Move over Charli D’amelio, TikTok just got more interesting. 

In the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, ever-changing school policies, and the increasing student stress from online classes, Washington College needs a morale boost.

Now that Talbot House — which formerly housed the brothers of the Beta Omega chapter of Kappa Alpha — is open to the general campus community, there is no better way to boost morale than with a WC-based Hype House. 

Chestertown may be fun at times, with its cute shops and historical importance, but young people these days want more than just a Stars Hollow remake.

“As an inspiring influencer I would love to have a space to create while also being dually enrolled as a student,” senior Mike Cawk said. “The WC Hype House will allow me to get my education, while still letting me bust it down.”

As part of an initiative to create a “hype” campus environment, Talbot House will be “repurposed as a place to house students who aspire to become TikTok famous,” according to an email released by WC Residential Life on March 24. 

In order to foster a truly “hype” campus environment, WC students need to be actively involved in the process. Students will compete to be accepted into the Hype House in a process similar to NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.”

Instead of a normal application process, a panel of comedy enthusiasts — along with special guest judge Gus the Goose — will be tasked with judging the students who desire to become the first tenants of the WC Hype House. 

Students who apply to live in Talbot must submit three TikTok videos — one showcasing an original concept accompanied by two featuring different viral TikTok dances. 

“I think that it’s about time the school encourages students to stretch their wings,” Gus the Goose said. “I am going to need a chiropractor from carrying this school’s comedic weight.”

While the original Hype House was associated with creators posting dance videos, WC’s Hype House will extend beyond the confines of the “Renegade.” Students are encouraged to test their comedic creativity through other TikTok trends, such as “point of view” and “Remy, the ratatouille, the rat of all my dreams” videos.

By converting Talbot into the WC Hype House, we are leaving a historic mark on Chestertown that even the ghost of former President George Washington would be proud of. 

I tried to reach Washington for comment by conducting a séance, but he declined my request. He was too busy arguing with former President Thomas Jefferson about which one of them deserved to be on the two-dollar bill more — and no, a presidential rap battle was not involved. 

However, I do believe that Washington would appreciate knowing that his 50 Guineas have eventually resulted in this burst of creative genius on campus. 

Installing a Hype House on campus will pave the way for WC to become home to the funniest comedians known to man by giving them their own space to create. Instead of being restricted to the status quo, this space offers students a chance to meet other aspiring influencers on the WC campus, connecting them to a wide range of creative methods and styles of humor.  

The Hype House will also foster a healthy balance of work and fun that will last a lifetime once students leave the WC campus. 

While students are correct to be prioritizing academics over other trivial interests, burnout is a serious phenomenon that is prevalent among college students — especially in a time where looking at a digital screen is unavoidable.

This Hype House will be a reminder that college is also a time to discover one’s identity, and to pursue those interests that may be labeled “trivial.”

“I think the next step for the school is to cultivate a media influencer — major or minor,” freshman James Smith said. 

The past year has been stressful for many reasons. The installation of this Hype House will teach the students of WC that there are healthy ways of coping with that stress. We should spend this time doing exactly what Baby Boomers are telling us not to do — playing on our phones.

In a surprise announcement, WC Residential Life revealed that Talbot House will be converted into a TikTok “Hype House” to encourage creativity and comradery among students. Photo by Single Ply Toilet Paper.

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