Pierogi stuck on Hodson Dining Hall ceiling reminds students to hang in there

By Pied Piper

Dining Hall Correspondent

A single pierogi, rumored to be named Nicolette, has been stuck on the ceiling of the Hodson Dining Hall at Washington College since 2018. Why it hasn’t moved from the ceiling has remained unknown for these three years. 

According to freshman Ian Hewes, the pierogi serves as a symbol of hope for the students and staff of WC. 

“The pierogi stuck on the ceiling means a lot to me in a multitude of ways. [Nicolette] helps remind me to appreciate the small things in life,” Hewes said. “Food is beautiful.”

Nicolette declined to comment on her condition. However, she is not the only long-term resident of the dining hall.

Kevin, a two-year-old fry and Nicolette’s former love interest who spends his time in the corner beside the salad bar, said that “Nicolette is doing well and shows no signs of backing down.” 

According to Kevin, Nicolette decided to take her “journey to the ceiling” after their two-year relationship ended. 

“I miss her dearly, I just hope she knows how much happier I would be if she came down,” he said.

Students passing Nicolette tend to admire her resilience and mystery. 

“I love pointing out the pierogi to people. She never fails to make me laugh,” freshman Alexandra Szynal said. 

According to her sentient food friends who live along the edges and corners of the dining hall, Nicolette is a once-in-a-lifetime pierogi whose kind heart and courage separate her from the community. 

The leftovers around dining hall are anxiously waiting her return to the ground, as they plan to celebrate the descent with Timmy the Taco Shell; Beatrice the Banana Peel, a banana that has sat in the upper window of the dining hall for three years; Kevin; and countless other crumbs who managed to escape the forks of hungry WC students.

“I remember the day she said goodbye,” Kevin said. “She made sure the chef added just the right amount of butter to her back in order to stick. She told us to not take it personally, but the whole ordeal has been especially hard for me, just because we were so close.” 

As the foods gather in anticipation for Nicolette’s arrival, more members of the dietary community join them. 

“Every time a student drops a piece of food on the ground, we gain a new trusted member,” Timmy said. 

Overall, no one knows when Nicolette will come down. 

Some sources say she only has a few months left to stick, while others claim that she will stay on the ceiling for an eternity. 

According to Kevin, “[Nicolette] is very strong and independent. She has never let anything get in the way of her goals as a pierogi and she will stay up there until she is ready to come down.” 

Featured Photo caption: Nicolette, a pierogi who took to the Hodson Dining Hall ceiling some time in 2018, continues hanging on, despite the changing world around her. Photo by Single Ply Toilet Paper.

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