SEB “Netflix and Chill” event falls flat, WC students take action

By Chillaxin’ Jackson

Student Watch Party Writer

After a month of planning, three Washington College students have finalized their plans for the establishment of a social distancing-relevant abstinence group on campus, according to freshman Val E. Tine.

The budding Student Interest Group stemmed from the events of Feb. 11, when the Students Events Board hosted a virtual Valentine’s Day-themed movie night for students. The event was advertised as “Netflix and Chill” on Campus Groups and in an email sent to students.

“The way the SEB labeled the event was in really poor taste,” Tine said. “Everyone knows what ‘Netflix and Chill’ really means, and it’s not necessarily something WC organizations should be promoting during a pandemic.”

Tine, senior Chris Bliss, and junior Dove Love are co-creators of the Feelings from Five Feet. According to Tine, the group will be accepting new members starting April 2.

The FFF hopes to take a stance against the unsafe actions SEB unwittingly encouraged: the breaking of social distancing regulations.

“Yeah, the SEB’s event was virtual, but it still promoted ‘chilling’. You can’t ‘chill’ and be socially distant,” Bliss said.

Students interested in FFF membership will be encouraged to take the WC Vow of Abstinence, promising to abstain from “chilling” on campus until the pandemic’s end.

“We want to ensure that our new members are serious about this issue,” Love said. “Taking the vow like Chris, Val, and I already have will strengthen our commitment to supporting each other and staying healthy.”

The FFF will offer opportunities for engagement to both avowed members and the broader campus community.

“We have a lot of ideas for the FFF. I think the student body is really going to benefit from the programming we have planned,” Bliss said.

The FFF’s virtual programming will include Teleparty movie nights that mimic the SEB’s “Netflix and Chill” event. Weekly “Five Feet Fridays” will promote cordial distancing between students while watching television together, according to Bliss.

“We’re not anti-Netflix,” Bliss said. “We just want the WC community to stay safe. Five Feet Fridays will help encourage students to follow the College’s COVID-19 protocols while participating in events hosted by WC organizations.”

The FFF will also be hosting a virtual game night. According to Tine, students will answer intimacy-themed trivia questions for the chance to win prizes ranging from a social distancing stick to an autographed photo of Anthony Fauci.

The FFF also has planned on-campus initiatives. Signs depicting Gus the Goose shooting cartoon hearts towards his significant other, George Washington, from six feet away are being developed in collaboration with the art department, according to Bliss.

“I’m really looking forward to working with the WC community on these initiatives in the coming months. I think we have created a great opportunity to change students’ mindsets,” Love said. “Hopefully, the SEB will pay a little closer attention to their event planning once we’ve set a strong example.”

Featured Photo caption: A Washington College student sits in distress after seeing the advertised “Netflix & Chill” event hosted by the Student Events Board. The thought of school-sanctioned, non-socially distanced interpersonal relationship was enough to force the remains of hope for an on-campus semester from his body. Photo by Shadow Lady.

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