Student Spotlight quarantine edition: Josephine Robson

By Emma Russell

Student Life Editor

Hometown: Leesburg, Va.

Where you’re quarantining: Chestertown, Md.

Major(s): Sociology and Psychology


Year: Sophomore

Clubs/Organizations: Robson is a defense player on the field hockey team and is a sister of AXO.

Plans after WC: Counseling or teaching

Plans after COVID-19: Robson said she hopes to study abroad.

What’s been keeping you busy during quarantine: “Netflix, arts and crafts, and catching up on twenty years of sleep,” Robson said.

Learned something new: “How to embroider and nap on a full night’s sleep,” she said.

Your quarantine show, movie, and/or book: “’Bridgerton,’ all the Marvel movies, and all four seasons of ‘Kim Possible’ because why not,” Robson said.

Work/Internship: Robson works as a lifeguard, a field hockey coach, and a swim instructor.

Fun Fact: “Pineapple does belong on pizza,” Robson said.

Advice for students in quarantine: “Don’t be too hard on yourself if you find you don’t have the energy you used to and can’t get as much done. Feeling alone in a world that doesn’t make sense takes a lot out of you and there is no need to add more stress by beating yourself up for not hitting your apple watch ‘stand goal.’ Eat that ice cream. Watch that show. Take that nap. Take a leisure walk instead of a run. Allow your mind to heal. This is [COVID-19] time so be kind,” she said.

Photo of sophomore Josephine Robson. Photo Courtesy of Josephine Robson.

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